Colin, I must admit I do believe that they have the potential to do exactly what he says. Ontario Hydro is just a terrible company to deal with, even though this gentleman is talking about the United States, you seemingly cannot even question the information your smart meter provides them.

I have always been suspect of the amount of hydro it say that we use. However trying to challenge that reading is very difficult. I recall years ago Hydro talked about bringing cable television and other service over the hydro lines, I guess they found something better to do with it.

Thanks for posting the video.
I just finished reading a privacy act at work and there is no way they can give out any of your personal information without your consent and disclosing exactly what information they are taking and what they are using it for. They can take general information such as a male, between 50-60 years of age, using 5 appliances, but they cannot take specifics under the privacy act. At least that is what our company must follow. However, I believe all of Canada is under this act.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

The other thing you can do is cover the meter with tinfoil and block the radio waves. I think that would be hilarious! :D
I see your point Riley -- tho the hydro company can monitor usage, time of usage, level of usage, and make assumptions from those stats as to what they think you're doing (with the hydro).... as the fella in the video said: "grow ops" or "tapping into the grid", or excessive use of any kind could be construed or deemed illegal, and prompt authorities to come banging on your door. As to whether they breached your right to privacy might be an argument.
You can read many things into that part of the video.

Trusting people with your personal information isn't always the best thing to do these days either. Employees have access to all that kinds of stuff as part of their daily routine. We just hope it goes no further than their office and that someone doesn't hack their computers.

Not trying to be alarmist, but just trying to realize where we stand and what's really going on.

Tracking, snooping, skimming, even tracing where you visit on the web seems to be a daily activity of any number of people/companies including credit card companies, telephone companies, internet businesses (or hackers/spammers) ...... utility companies, and not to mention crooks.

Quite right Murray -- the video is concerning the US -- tho I doubt activities and legalities up here are much different.

An interesting subject tho isn't it.

I hope Canada does not go down the slippery slope that has happened in the US .Yes the worse has already happened here and I know first hand .I've spent almost $100,000 on legal fees and two years of personal hell .Our Gov't does everything they say they are not .Haven't seen the latest statistics but the US was #9 on the freedom list ,Canada was #4 or 5 .10 years ago the US was #1 if that tells us anything .Maybe if we had kept our noses out of everybody's business like the Canadians since WWll history might be different .
I'm sure that the US knows the penis length of every male in Canada as well as this side of the boarder .No laughing matter ,I'm G.D.bitter .
It's scary all the stuff that has come into effect since Sept 11.
However, I hope the people who have access to information are the same everyday folks like you and me who realize no one wants their stuff in the hands of marketers...etc, etc and only use it for the business purposes that they need.
There was a segment on 60 minutes tonight that sort of related to this thread .
If you have the opportunity to reject a smart meter I'd recommend it .In doing so it'll probably trip someones trigger .Then it's drones ,wire taps and men in black SUV's following you .I do wonder if a sheet of chimney lead was placed over the smart meter hmmmmmmmm
in ontario, you don't get a choice. there's also a rule about unobstructed view. the cursed things are not infallible either. the one that is installed at the house i have under construction won't give them a remote reading, they have been estimating the bill since october. the first bill's estimate was 10x's what it should have been and still isn't sorted out. i really question the accuracy of these things in the first place. :mad:
Out here in B.C. our smart meter was put in on a day we didn't even know about it. If you want it uninstalled, you get a big labpur bill to exchange them back. Then you have to pay upwards of $35 labour each month on top of your hydro usage, for someone to read your meter each month.That can obviously be very expensive by the end of a year.
I don't think I have a smart meter ,I went out and talked to it and no reply .:mad:

Since I have a reputation they probably will choose to avoid my house .:D

I must have a stupid smart meter -- I talked to mine and also no reply.:(

Your hydro supplier probably have heard about the attack goats in the area....Sounds like you're pretty safe Steve.:D

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