Ok Thanks Blue, I'm looking for stock GM, like the Pacific Design ones, anyone know a PN for those ? I have a couple but I don't know which is which
Hi Jamie, please pm me the PN's you have and I will have my parts department look it up tomorrow. Thanks!
Guys on the U.S forums say that GM has not made and side skirts available yet. Maybe it's coming but to date it has just been the after market vendors offering them.
Hi Jamie, I was thinking the same, but after a long search I found out there is no OEM side rockers and front splitter for C7. Then I reserch other forums to find best deal for after market parts. I end up buing from C7 carbon, carbon fibre front splitter and side rocker, I love the shape and finish of there parts. Side rockers are Z06 style and front splitter looks like stage 2, not to aggressive and carbon fibre finish is great looking. My cost for that package including shipping to Canada was $1150 US + $150 boarder duties, I think it was a great deal. I diden't install it yet couse still waiting for my car, but talk to others who did and it's easy bolt on installation.Will attach some pictures but did not figure out how to do it. Cheers.
Thanks ojamali, but I managed to find some in the US, it was hard but I found them, they will be a while to ship but so will my car, I'm not counting my chickens yet though. Red hot z51 SKGSTD
ACS-C7 Stingray Aero Pack
Seems to be a very affordable also great videos available for install instructions
I ordered a set of zero1 side splitters directly from ACS. It's a Canadian company in Montreal, so no bs tariff and brokerage fees. Talk to Joseph, he'll take care of us Canadians. PM me if you want his phone # directly
ACS-C7 Stingray Aero Pack
4 different install options not sure if I really want to drill into into the frame though.
Wow my birthday is coming up soon and this morning my beautiful daughter told me I need skirts so she,s donating $100 for the cause.:D

OK where do I buy skirts:agree:
You're lucky ACS is in your backyard, so you can just walk over and check out the actual products that they manufacture. Speak to Joseph, he's also a C7 owner and he'll be more than happy to go on and on about corvettes. No brokerage fees and shipping, can't get any better than that.
Thanks for the info brodo.:coolgleam:

C7Jake now that's a nice ride, thanks for the photo's.
I ordered carbon fibre ones from C7 Carbon. I wasn't aware ACS sold carbon fibre splitters and skirts. They didn't mention them on their website.
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