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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
Well gents after some long deliberation, I have to confess that my Z06 and I have parted ways. I just had too many cars right now and I also got rid of my E55 Merc AMG.

Both cars were awesome but small weekly repairs on the Merc were annoying me and I didn't want to pay to store the vette another winter.

As a parting salute. The vette was the most reliable car I've ever owned even though it was quite modified from stock. Not the case for most cars!!! I tracked the car 3 times and it never let me down (I did get a high trans temp warning once though). In doing so, it easily handled two vipers, a number of M3s and mustangs. The only car that seriously I could not keep up with was a supercharged S2000 Honda. That thing was a beast!

I'll own another someday I'm sure and I still plan to hang out and share in your experiences!

Yikes, 2 serious performers gone. I hope you've got something left in the stable to have fun with.

Congrats on the sales. I'm sure they found good homes; bet you'll miss at least one of them a lot.

Glad to hear your sticking around to chat.

Well, you have to do what you feel best and the good thing is that there are a ton of Corvettes out there. Best of luck the next car. I'm sure that will be fun and you'll have to post pictures when you get one.

Keep visiting us!

He'll have nightmares until he gets another one.
He'll see. He'll see.
I'm sure come spring I will have some withdrawals. There's a certain feeling when you know youre behind one of the fastest cars any where on the road!!!
You're lucky I don't live in Edmonton or I would have to slowly cruise by your house everyday just to torture you a little bit...:D That's right, I'm a jerk like that. But seriously, I am looking forward to hearing about your next car, Corvette or not. I think my biggest apprehension to you selling your car is that you won't be visiting us as much:(
I'll be around! :). I bought an Infiniti G37x coupe. I'm pretty stoked about it. Nowhere near the power I had but still very respectable. The car is very nice as a package that's for sure. It us somewhere between a car with no back seat and a sedan :)
Good cars, HLN. I've had a few Infinitis over the years and enjoyed them all.
an '03 G-Sedan when all the Infiniti rage started in the fall of '02, then to an '03 G-Coupe, and finally to an '06 M45 -- All tech marvels, fast for their time, exceedingly reliable, and, IMHO, way ahead of the competition.
You'll love your G.
If I could recommend a G35/G37 site -- call on the guys and gals at G35Driver.com -- I was there at its inception in '02, progressed to Moderator and then Admin. -- Not been active for a couple years now but still have great contacts with many members and friends there who are very knowledgeable and friendly. (you may even bump into a few of my posts/threads there under my s/n Msedanman)

ONce again congrats and enjoy. Please do stay in touch. I'd love to hear how you like the new Gen G and rest assured that it should help placate those nightmares of not having the 'vette.:)

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