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Jan 30, 2009
Mississauga, Canada
Well I got an email from one of my nephews today, and he has pledge himself to the "Shave your lid for a Kid!" Cancer fundraiser ... so being the awsome Uncle that I am, I made a pledge for him, with the understanding that he will send me before and after pics! :rofl: Currently he has the whole "Hockey Hair" thing going on, so I think it will be quite dramatic for him!

So if you are looking for a good cause to throw a little money at, please click on the link below, and make a pledge!

A little bit about my nephew, his name is Jake, and he is in grade 4 at Arbour Lake School in Calgary, he plays Hockey and Lacrosse, and loves Corvettes! (He told me that he plans to buy one when he is old enough! :cool:) ... He'll be coming out to visit me in May this spring ... so my plan is to surprise him, and bring him out to the Apex day on the 20th for a few laps.

Here's his official email ...

Hi everybody,

I want to shave my head for kids with cancer. My goal is to raise $1,000. I am hoping you can help me reach my goal. I understand if you already or are unable to support this cause at this time.

Thank you,


To view my personal profile and to pledge me online, click here:

Mark :canada:
Jake sent me a picture showing how long his hair currently is ... I think his Mom will be happy after the cutting! :lol:


The Big Day for the Hair Cutting is March 20th.... He's very close to his target!

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