Roll Up, Roll Up.

We have a fresh new impromptu September contest in support of the site most likely to endure your photo spam, CCF :)

For the month of September we have a couple of prizes open to entrants:
1. We have a brand new in box NoviStretch Front Bumper Mask for C7 Corvettes
Fits all 2014-2019 except those with front aero canards. Retails for $160 USD + shipping/taxes etc. See thumbnail pics for how it looks fitted.

2. Alternative prize, should you not want the mask is $100 CAD cold hard electronic cash vectored into your account of choosing.


In order to be legit in Canada you must be a Canadian resident & answer the following skill testing question without using a calculator to be eligible and to claim the prize ("Multiply 90 by 2, divide by 3 and subtract 53"). We will PM you and ask you to supply the answer before claiming the prize.

Simply purchase any number of tickets from now until Sept 30th using the link below and clicking on the Purchase tab (you can alternatively click on the coin icon next to your user name in the top right and hit Buy Tickets):

Contest ends midnight UTC on September 30, 2020 (that's 8PM EDT, 5PM PST).

Members can enter multiple times, want more entries? Simply buy more tickets.

$10 = 2 entries, $20 = 5 entries, $30 = 8 entries, $40 = 12 entries, $50 = 15 entries.

You can enter as many times as you wish during the month of September.

We will put all entries into a randomizing discombobulator on Oct 1st and pick a winner. A new thread will be published with the announcement.

Winner will be contacted by PM and email, and can choose from the C7 only NoviStretch Mask or $100.

If it turns out that your entry is not chosen there's plenty to still be joyful about as you've contributed to CCF and that's a gift that we guarantee will give back to you in the future... Win Win!

We are forever grateful to @SN-III for coming up with the idea and funding the prizes for this one.

Thanks for taking part. If this works out we will be looking at investing in a much more sophisticated automated raffle system with many more raffle prizes and giveaways in the future.

Thank you @Nik for accepting and bringing this event forward.

... a little more about the prize ...
This C7 front cover is a high quality purpose-only accessory
that offers the ease of snap-on and snap-off bug protection. It will not
flutter and will need to be removed when needing the front cameras
(if equipped). This is an item that is recommended to me by two good
Corvette Colleagues and I finally purchased a couple to have for my
long day-runs that can really get my Corvette "bugged" most times.
Feel free to visit website for more information and
c-gen availability.

This brand new-in-box C7 nose cover was offered to me with
an order that I placed for both of my C7s. An appreciative
shout-out to Andrew of Novistretch for permitting this opportunity.

The alternate $100 prize (if chosen) will come
in $3 and $7 denominations (just kidding)

Best of Luck to our entrants and Good Fortune to CCF
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Day 1 and I want to thank @Rruuff Day for being the one to get this off the ground.
Thank you as it is very much appreciated ... and so far this is all yours :thumbs:

Thanks Sp but i see Murray and Graham are trying their best to offset my chance of This is fun to watch unfold and the best odds of any lottery there is. I'm thinking a bunch of members will soon take the opportunity to play and reduce my odds even more.... lol...
Wow... The amount of C7 members we have surprises me that a few more aren't jumping on this raffle to show some support for CCF and also have a great chance of winning a novi stretch bra for their ride.... Or the $ 100.00.... Actually, a pair of scissors and a couple tarp straps and it would likely fit a C8 as well. :angelic:
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Folks our September contest is now officially closed shut and firmly under lock and key. Below are the entries submitted during the eligibility period as an FYI. I will be running these through our discombobulating randomizer and will announce results this weekend for more fanfare. The winner will also be contacted privately for prize selection. 🎉

Thanks again to everyone who participated as well as our very own @SN-III for getting this excellent fund raising opportunity off the ground.

@Black 03 Z06 - 8
@Paul C& - 8
@61ratvette - 10
@nascar03 - 5
@12cents - 2
@RockyPM - 15
@ddgermann - 15
@Rruuff Day - 12

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