Yes thru Livernois Motorsports in Michigan. Excellent outfit and highly recommended.

Livernois Motorsports: Specializing in Late Model Domestic Performance Parts

Hey Colin I used to go there all the time back in the day with my cousin who lives in Dearborn Mich. when I would go and visit him. Used to love to go browsing there and pick up parts for my 88 IROC camaro..Ahhh the good old

I remember I bought my NOS nitrous kit from them...Great outfit like you said, they have awesome stuff
Hey Peter,
I've not had the pleasure of visiting there yet but I plan to in the near future.
I've gotten to know them quite well since buying a new Taurus SHO and being involved with Taurus SHO club -- and Livernois Motorsports is as much involved.
The tunes and tuner I've gotten from them is by mail and email tho I'd like to get the SHO there sometime for more definitive and precise tuning.

My contact there is Rick LeBlanc who is a great guy who cares about his customers and performance. They do so much research, modding and tuning on all cars there and have a great team.
Highly recommended people there.

Would love to hear more about your visits there sometime.

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