Riley, where have you been hiding for the last year? :D We have had them all over the GTA for some time now. I went to New Roads the other day to see the Vert there.
What a fantastic Car!! :canada:
Saskatchewan is probably the last place on earth to get a C7 Corvette in a showroom and I bet if one came it, it would be on order and wouldn't even hit the showroom so until they become common place elsewhere, they don't seem to filter through to here. :(

I just called the bigger Chev dealer in Saskatoon. They have one on order and sold and it should be here in about a month or so. They may also have another two sold and the timeline to when those will show up is unknown......go Saskatchewan! :p

Maybe I should throw my "Canadian Corvette Forum" weight and see if they'll pay attention. I have members that want to know this stuff! Hahahaha..... if that does give any weight. :D
no need to go to Kerbeck, Newmarket is closer then Atlantic City and i can make sure the car is delivered to Saskatoon :D


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