Since it was "salvage" the damage must have been enough to render the car "not economically repairable" so it was written off and sold for "salvage" or parts. Then the purchaser would have to get it certified as roadworthy, before being able to register it again and sell it. I'm saying all this based upon what happens here in Alberta but I assume that Saskatchewan is the same.

And yes, a vehicle that has been written off has a stigma attached to it so it's harder to sell for decent coin. But if it was repaired by a well-known company with a great reputation for being super-picky with repairs, that might help a little bit, however you'd need to find the right buyer.

Another example of "buyer beware" and why you need to check out any used vehicle purchase carefully, before pulling the trigger. But hopefully "spiderman26500" got it for a really good price, which will lessen the sting somewhat.

I test-drove a used vehicle once which seemed/sounded fishy, only to learn from the dealership I asked to look at it, that it was "salvage" so thankfully I knew to stay away from it. But that was a repair job done by a "back-yard mechanic" who was dishonest and not good at hiding the fact the vehicle still had serious problems.
I bought a `95 Impala SS at a GM dealer in east Toronto(Hogan)(back in `99 paid full retail price),found out 2 weeks later it had a Salvage title, took it back ,they were not happy, they had to give me all my money back plus the value of my trade-in (which was long gone) I had found two tiny shards of glass ,one in the ashtray and one in the glove-box. the car never really felt right so I phoned the head office in Oshawa and they told me it had a salvage title. the stealership said they didn't know(I call BS) anyway got all my money back. just sayin..... So,spiderman did you know the car had a salvage title ?? . if so you might not have any recourse, if you did not you may be able to get your money back.... Good luck.
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