Jul 27, 2013
Hey guys,

Not sure how many of you were there or know about it, but I went out to the RSP Motorsports Cars and Coffee meet up on August 11th. Have to admit, one of the best drop in style meets I have been to in a LONG time.

I had one of only 4 vettes there....a Z06, Grand Sport, ZR1...then mine.

There was obviously more porsches than anything, but there was a great selection of cars. The best part though


This was awesome, everyone was chatty, no-one had any bias that I spoke to, and everyone seemed like they were open to every concept of vehicle. Have to admit, I had an amazing time.
I tried to get there this past weekend but just couldn't swing it. Sounds like a great bunch and I will try again in sept.
Sorry, should have elaborated.

Cars and Coffee is held at RSP Motorsports (just outside Komoka) on the second Sunday of the months during the summer. The last one will be Sept 8.

I was there this past Sunday, I showed up at around 8:30 and left at 11:30 and there was a pretty decent turnout....cars included:

the vettes mentioned above
2 Lambo Gallardo's
1 Diablo
2 ferrari's
several porsches
1 Bentley
1 Austin DB7
and a bunch of other cars :) all said in total there were about 40-50 or so cars.

Although it was not a ton of cars, the entire shop is opened up. They have the cleanest AWD dyno room I have ever seen in my life the whole place is spotless. They had approximately 20 or so cars in the storage area ranging from a Subaru to Lambo's.

I am not endorsing them by any means, but I had a great time talking to a variety of different people there and will definately try and make it out to the next one....and I didn't even have any coffee :)
Looks like they have posted up about 20 pictures from the event (all outside)...one of my car is in there...


you can see some of the cars in the gallery at RSP-Motorsports
Vintageracer - Yeah, it was a a good mix of vehicles, people would come in for an hour and leave. Over the course of the time I was there the cars beside me rotated 3 times. A good example was the diablo owner....he left and came back with a gallardo 15 minutes later.
i did end up going....took the cougar. was not as good a turn out, however I took the vette out to the corvette show at hyde park CT later that day and had a good time
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