Hi everyone in Central Alberta. Rocky Mountain House is having the Market on Main event every Thursday from 6pm to 9 pm on main street. I'd like to arrange to have as many vettes as possible fill the center of main street next Thursday. the weather is looking good, +24 and clear. (so says the long range forecast) We were on main last night and it's a great evening of entertainment, food, local vendors and just people visiting. Good times.

Just post and let me know if your coming, you don't have to be here right for 6 so no problem there. 2 car washes in town to so lots of room to "clean up".:canada:
Sorry I don't. I was the newest car there, some great oldies showed. Fords, Oldmobiles and even a 4N Tractor! Had a shower halfway through the evening. Nothing major and we all wiped down the cars once the rain stopped and carried on.
Hope you can make it on August 10th for the cruise!
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