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Jul 23, 2012
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These are tentatively booked to go at 3Flags track just north of Regina:

Sat June 22 PM via BMW club
June 29-July 1 Western Canada Corvette Event(s)
Sat July 20 PM via BMW club
Sun July 28 AM
Sun Aug 18 AM
Sat Aug 24 PM via BMW club
Sun Sept 22 PM

for those interested contact RCC or Regina BMW club

$40 ish for a couple hours of tire shredding fun :D (cheap like golf)

Just need a helmet and a cleaned out car.

I'm not familiar with the 3Flags Kart track. Is it a closed course track? What events take place during the day?

That track looks like fun... my ZR1 was fun out at Stratotech at the NACOC event last year.

This is the layout... The events are just to run different configurations 3 times for each class ie. C6/modC5, C5/modC4, etc. usually takes a morning or afternoon for RCC events... the BMW club just line up a rip around until it gets dark.

The RCC events are more official competitions but certainly nobody keeps track of how slow you go if you're worried. Very friendly. BMW is totally informal.
I grew up in Regina but had never heard of this track. Must be new (or newish).

Looks like it was made for go-karts. How does it handle a car like the Vette?
Ya, it's a go-kart track, but the Corvette and BMW clubs use it too.

It's not huge but smooth pavement and legal... enough to heat up brakes and wear down tires.
Stopped in Regina for gas on our way thru this past September on our way back to Cambridge. -- I didn't realize there was a track so closeby.

Wish we had time to see some of these places, but 1000km a day takes a long time, so not many stops.

That track looks like a fun place.

I went to an event with the RCC a couple years ago. I didn't have the Corvette as I took the nieces and nephew to check out some cool cars. Unfortunately, the weather was really cool too and sort of rainy. However, that didn't dampen the racers spirits as they seemed to be having quite a bit of fun! I would really like to check out one of these events this summer.
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