Rruuff Day
Aug 30, 2014
Hello all, 2009 C6 in March and have seen a couple sweet vettes around but wondering how many others like me out there in Red deer. Is there a local group/club/weekend ride/ etc around here local?

Thanks, look forward to running into (figuratively) some others like me,

can email too. [email protected]
Welcome Rruuff Day! Yes we do like pics here, when you get a chance. I think Rocky was going to put together a fall cruise..........not sure if this is a go yet or not??
Same here! Last years Jasper cruise or Banff--wherever it was sounded like a great time.
Hey everyone, I've been wrapped up in deck and hot tub installation this last month. Sweated off a bunch of weight! I have the September 13 14 weekend open and although the weather looks crappy now we can tentatively plan a cruise for Sat or Sun or BOTH! I will post a new thread to see the response.

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Sorry about that Vince. It sucks that our summers are so short and we all want to do it all! there's always next year when your have that black beast turbo'd or supercharged!
Maybe a cam at best. New z06 shocks and sway bars though--and dropped to the floor!

Btw, I might be available on the Sunday of that weekend, as I will be coming back from Kimberley BC. I would like to drive Jasper to Banff if I can--or the other way around actually.
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