Jul 25, 2012
Fraser Valley B.C.
2002 Convertible
Just wondering if I'm one of the last ones to get the car on the road this year. Health problems, plus so much to do on our property and a few things on all three of our vehicles has really put us behind.On top pf it all we are supposed to meet friends in the Rockies in a few weeks. Getting the vette ready and being out on the road was supposed to be fun, but it is turning into a hurry hurry up chore.
And it is supposed to be sunny all week, and 27 C tomorrow.
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Out about 3 weeks here in between snow storms! Hope you get it all together. Once you're behind the wheel all the stress will fade. Cheers!
I got mine out on Friday :)
Then I was welcomed by local police department all good this time tho
Just got mine out on Friday too! Woooooooooo! Took my time with it getting all the items together to go pull it out. Had to remind myself a few times to remember the keys! :D I hate being rushed when going to get the car or having to store it. Takes some of the enjoyment out of picking it up and increases the worry when dropping it off.
Friday was my first small trip. Took a couple hour cruise to meet some fellow forum members today in ponoka. What a great day and what a car. Liking my new exhaust more and more now.
I have burned through the tank of gas from last year. Went to my first car show, won the 50/50 draw, which was $75, exactly the amount of my fill up. Saw a nice C5 and a gorgeous black 100th anniversary C6 GS.
I was vending at a swap meet in Lindsay on the weekend. Guys are looking for the earlier '60s engines that didn't have smog equipment. These engines are not a headache for their street rods and older cars. Keep the heat on your MPs to do away with the smog tests. 90+ percent pass anyway and as often as not, the EGR valve is the culprit.
We're just starting our third tank of gas as we just topped up with Ultra 94 this time. Gotta keep that carbon blown out.
Our air care program ends at the end of 20144. There is talk of them now going after the big rigs finally. We had a piece on diesel exhaust and that it is known to cause cancer. After 30 years of driving proffesionally , I've had my share of cancer three times. Specialist said it was mostly due to breathing in all that stuff. Makes for a good reason to keep your cabin cleaners in your cars clean etc.
I would have been on the road sooner, But I have been busy 3 weeks in Europe in April good tour. Working a bunch of overtime for next trip......Small battery issue May 1 but on the road May 11 it was fun.... roof down...tunes turned up ... hair blowing in the wind ... O.K. you caught me.. small amount of hair blowing in the wind. And went down the highway for a bit downtown shopping. Been out 3 times now burnt about 1/2 tank and got caught in the rain. Had to wash the again. Be going out again tomorrow........yahoooo
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