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Aug 16, 2012
Vancouver Island
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Hi. As I said in my introductory post, I'm shopping around for a new (to me) convertible and am having a problem deciding between the C5 and C6 models. I like the looks of the C5 (flip up lights) better than the C6 but I like the bigger engine of the later version so I was wondering if there was anything to specifically recommend the C6 over the older models? Say a 2004 vrs a 2005 or 2006?

I'm still doing lots of reading so bear with me if I pose silly questions.

Welcome and ask any questions you want! There are no silly questions unless you ask if there is a 4 seat Corvette or want one with a V6.

The C6 is an evolution of the C5 so there are not going to be too many technical reasons for moving up to a C6. However, the engine is updated and putting out 400hp. The interior is nicer (imho). I'm sure the cabin's is quieter and the headlights actually produce light to see down the road. I'm not sure if it has as many possible electrical issues, but most of those can be prevented on a C5 with proper cleaning of the wiring harness connectors so maybe it's a wash. I like the 18/19 wheel combo on the C6 as well.

I really think that they are close enough to where it comes down to what model you prefer.
John, I too looked at 2004 C5. It had real low mileage 25K and was a fairly clean car but it did have some issues, leaky heater and had been left outside all winter, engine compartment was full of needles. Test drove it and the interior seemed really cramped for me. Took the c6 that I bought out for a drive and what a difference. Lots of room and what an improvement in the whole car. Try to stay clear of the 05's as they have some issues too if you plan on driving it hard.

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there is the old adage....buy the latest model you can afford.
as others have said...changes/improvements are incremental, so buying the
most up-to-date you can find/afford is the way to go.
thats the theory; now what does your heart 'say' ??
but beware...'vettes are addictive !!

Tony, welland
Every generation has had some improvements over the previous generation.
I had a C4 which was great. I own a C5 and love it. But when the right GS C6 comes along I will move into that.
Like other have said. Buy the best car you can afford.

Good luck in your hunt. That's one of my favorite parts of the whole experience.:canada:
Hi John_ I lived on the Island for 25 years before I moved to Calgary 5 years ago. The model doesn't matter on the Island as long as it's waterproof! ;)
Totally agree. The cash difference will get you started with some nice performance (or cosmetic) mods

If u like the look of the c5 but the power of the c6 then buy a c5 and take it to manny and make it faster than a c6.. Just my 2 cents worth.

As has been stated here the 50 flywheel HP can easliy be made up with a cold air intake and set of headers :D
As has been stated here the 50 flywheel HP can easliy be made up with a cold air intake and set of headers :D

And/or a Procharger kit is a nice addition.

Faster for cheaper is my mantra. But I park on the street, drive in the snow, and barely wash mine.
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