I gotta wonder just how much of this can be attributed to today's generation having been raised on front wheel drive cars for the most part. Some of these videos being seen as of late almost seem to show people driving who either should have known the wheels would break, or should have had some indication of how to correct the car.

Am I wrong here? Do we think these guys know what they are doing and just aren't smart enough to contemplate that loss of traction?
Just looks like a video of someone showing off to their buddy behind them and paying for it. Capable cars do not make for capable drivers. But with that said, 99 times out of 100, the Lambo may have not lost control, just this time it let go.
My car has gotten loose and with slight correction of the steering wheel, it keeps going straight HOWEVER, I have yet for my car to REALLY loose traction and my car also has almost half the hp of that Lambo, so I can't say I'm any better than the guy in the video but I also know I'm not going to try and cut through traffic because I know I'll look like a moron should anything happen and it gets caught on video.
Uhmmmm..... I seem to remember a certain Silver Corvette with racing stripes on the fender losing traction a couple times in Ponoka.........

Damned taxes went up to pay for all the Road Repairs.......

Merry Christmas to Everyone.... All the Best in 15..

(ya, the guy was an idiot in the vid.)
The last outing we had with the Corvettes this season led to some spirited driving on a not so great road. Standing water, pot holes, mud, sand you name it. I was thinking how embarrassing it would be to put the car "off" with fifty some other cars around. Could you ever live it down? Probably have to resign from the boards. :rofl:

Who knows what happened here but the car certainly did disappear in a big hurry. Not a great move to put himself and others in harms way. Wonder what the insurance company will say if they see this video.
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