Rocky Mountain House Meet/Cruise


Rocky Mountain House/Saskatchewan Crossing/Lake Louise/Cochrane Cruise
August 10, 2013

8:00 to 8:45am Meet Rocky Mountain House Southside Tim Horton's
9:00 am ish Leave Rocky and head west
1:00 pm ish Lunch @ Saskatchewan Crossing
Head south to Lake Louise
Reach Cochrane Late afternoon.

Let me know here if you will attend and I will keep a running list. As we get closer I will send out reminders to all.


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Here's a location map for Rocky showing where the local wand-wash car washes are located. Also showing the location of the Timmies on the southside along Highway 11, coming in from Red Deer way.
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I would be interested in coming out on a thurs evening.....would we be required to stay right til 9pm? Also I would be up for a cruise through the mountains. A or B would work for me as both ways are beautiful.

South of Sask. Crossing

I agree. Ok. Lets concentrate on option A. For the market on main it's not a requirement to come at 6 or stay till 9 so if you show it's good.
Too bad there is not a wand wash car wash at Sask Crossing to clean bugs off the cars for group pictures in the mountains. No car washes in Banff or Lake Louise either, I remember once I went back to Canmore as I wanted a clean car on main street in Banff. :)

Best to maybe throw out 1,2 or 3 possible weekends and let everyone say which works... as some have weddings to attend and so on... on certain weekends.

I will post some dates for a Rocky, Saskatchewan crossing, lake Louise, banff, cochrane trip tonite! Looking forward to meeting all that can make this work!

You actually beat me to the punch. I was hoping to do a cruise from Edmonton to Jasper with a potential night in Jasper.

Anyone interested? Golfers can golf, hikers can hike, and there's lots of places to park the vettes in a row.
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Ok so Let's see what the consensus for the dates of August 3rd, 10th or 17th for the following trip. Majority will confirm date and we will plan for it from there. If weather bad we will go following weekend:

-Meet at Rocky Mountain House A&W between 8 and 9am.
-Leave and travel west on Hwy 11 to Nordegg and Saskatchewan River Crossing - 180 km, 2 hrs
-Travel south on Hwy. 93 to Lake Louise - 82 km, 1 hr
-Travel east on Hwy 1 to Banff - 61 km, 45 mins
-Travel east on Hwy 1/1A to Cochrane - 100 km, 1 hr 23 mins

This is a total of 422 km or roughly 6 hours of driving not including to Rocky and home from Cochrane. With long days this should give us time for lunch and photo stops along the way.

To known locations along Hwy 2. Times along Hwy 22 longer, but more scenic.
Distance to Red Deer - 165 km, 1 hr 37 mins
Distance to Ponoka - 219 km, 2hrs 5 mins
Distance to Edmonton - 317 km, 3 hrs 6 mins

So post your date choice and we will keep track. Here's a quick vid of the trip along Hwy. 11
Red Deer, Alberta to Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta (Highway 11 Westbound) - time lapse - YouTube
Xlr8r, you arrange the northern loop trip. We will be in for that as long as the date works!
Ok so Let's see what the consensus for the dates of August 3rd, 10th or 17th for the following trip.

Aug 3rd ( long weekend ) planning to be in Kelowna.

10th or 17th might work... I have some idea's ongoing for Aug 10th but don't know if I will be able to do them.

You guys plan and pick a date and I will see if I can make it work... my life is a bit of a zoo recently... It seems like I can never commit to anything the past while. I have done this loop your thinking ( many times ) and if I can make it work... I will try to join.

Oops, long weekend probably not the best plan. So to leave long weekend open to everyone's owns plans who is open to 10th and this leaves 17th as backup?

I'd be cool to play Saturday or Sunday. You choose--the following courses are between us that :
I could see myself teeing it up with:

1: wolf creek
2: Ponoka
3: Lacombe
4: wetaskiwin (Montgomery Glen)
5: Black Bull at pigeon lake
6: Leduc
7: drayton valley
8: cougar creek--although its closer to me than you

Do you like any of these courses?

Let me know. We could book something and go--weather permitting. If you pm me, I'll send you my cell.

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