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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Great weekend! 3 car shows! It started out with a cruise that turned out to be a poker run. I've never been on a poker run and never had any interest in doing one, but I was trapped into this one. It turns out that it is quite fun. We stopped by six old folks homes and although the Corvette drew a lot interest, it was the stories the old people had about the old cars that were there and hanging out with the people I knew that made it great. It's nice to have a change of view every twenty minutes and see the cars drive from location to location. I'm sure I will be doing more poker runs in the future.
The next day was the Southey Mopar show. I alway love seeing musclecars and there was everything from a Superbird, to a '71 Hemi GTX (1 of 2), to new Challengers (not bad).
Today was a multi car show at Capital in rained so nothing there, but still, a great weekend.
There were about 50-80 cars there this year. It was out behind the rink instead of along main street, so I parked the Vette at the entrance so all the Mopar guys had to see it when pulling in.:D I REALLY wanted to park the Vette beside one of the new Challengers so people could see how low and sleek it looks compared to those cars...but I didn't want to show them up at their own show. Haha.
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