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Aug 5, 2011
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Welcome to the forum! Great color combination! That is my absolute favorite! Beautiful car you have there!!!! As others say, post more pics if you get the chance. I would also love to see a picture with a C4, C5 and C6 together that have the same colors. I would love to print it out to make a poster of it.

Great idea Riley -- I was thinking the same ... That combo would be a poster type pic .......

If you guys could all post up pics about the same size we could make a very special shot out of them.

Cool idea no?
Welcome. I like the poster Idea. Now just to find a C1, C2 and C3 to go on it all in the same color!


-- Haven't seen anything like that since my trip in Sept to the Corvette Museum in B.G. where they have some great shots and of course the real thing -- of every year ... worth the trip if you ever get the chance.

Would be really nice if we could get actual owners.
C2's and especially C1's will be tough at least around these parts. There are the odd C2's tho not in white -- but I've never seen C1's here.
Let's see if we can pull this off. Colin if I get another picture of the ocean with a larger resolution, IE 4 meg do you think that would be enough background to fit the three cars into. I can get another shot like this,without my car.

The camera that I have is only 4 meg, if we need bigger I may be able to borrow one. I'm just thinking the water might be the easiest to fit cars into.
Colin maybe we should start another thread so we don't hijack this one. lets see if we can make this happen. Are you thinking Photoshop?

Ya man, from what I know which isn't much that would be best, but I've not had much experience with it. Can you handle?

Yes let's start a new thread to gather pics.
Would you like to do the honours. Please be my guest.


P.S. -- Pretty sure Riley has the magic to transfer any posts not pertaining to this thread to our new thread.
Thanks, Riley for the move. I'm just throwing this out there, but if there is anyone else with a white C1 2 or 3 and they would like their car included, go ahead and post a picture. Just try to keep it close to the shot of mine Even if we can't do the poster all the white ones together would be a big hit.
Thanks Rob
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:mad: I wish my dad still had his 63 convertible that was white with a red interior. It would have blended in great!

Damn, that car would have rated right up there with my '68 Shelby GT500 'vert .. and wouldn't you know it: that was white too.

Pardon the off topic, but had to say the '63 vette is one of my all-time faves.

The collage of C's would be so nice -- I really hope we can accomplish it.

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