Jul 16, 2016
Victoria, BC
Corvette Coupe 2005
Hi Everyone,

I have a 2005 Corvette Coupe and I am dealing with a persistent squeaky breaks issue. The back breaks were done very recently and the front are almost new.

I spoke with the dealership who did the work immediately after I picked it up and they told me to wait and see if they settle, as this is sometimes common with new breaks. I waited about three weeks and there was no change. I then took it back to try and deal with the problem. They said they took the wheels off and filed the breaks down, so they make better contact. They are a bit quieter but still very noticeable.

Has anyone dealt with a similar issue? And, what problem do you think this might be coming from? The breaks have full functionality otherwise.


~Event Hozrion


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Hi EV. Did you have squeaky brakes before they replaced them? Did the dealership 'turn' the rotors (condition the rotors by cutting a very thin layer off each surface) when they installed the new pads? If the rotors weren't turned, they sometimes build will up a glaze or grooves on the surface which can cause the brakes to squeak. Can you tell if it is coming from the brakes that the dealership just replaced? If so and they turned the rotors, keep taking them back and complaining. If it's coming from the brakes they didn't replace, the rotors may need to be turned to de-glaze them. The only other thing I can think of is squeal shims. Often there will be pad shims or anti rattle clips installed to make the pads fit snugger into the calipers and avoid movement and squeaking. If these were originally there (sometimes they are not required and not OEM), and not re-installed when they changed the pads, that could be the problem as well.

Good Luck and I'm sure you will get some other ideas. This is a super helpful forum for advice. :)

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