1. C

    Corvettes Unlimited Presents the 2023 Annual Corvette Show & Shine

    Come and bring your Corvette of any vintage to the Annual Corvette Show & Shine. Presented by Corvettes Unlimited Club Calgary and sponsored by and at Capital Chevrolet Buick GMC in Calgary. Gates open at 8:00 AM. Have some fun talking about your favorite car among like-minded enthusiasts. Show...
  2. Messner

    Cruise - 2022 Events - Cruises in the Foothills & Rocky Mountains!

    Events are FREE - No Membership or event fees - Every 2nd Saturday - From May 14th thru to October (weather permitting). To get the exact Dates, Times, Info & to Register for an event - Sign Up for the Newsletter on our website. ONLY 13 minutes from NW Calgary, Alberta - Just off Crowchild...
  3. Messner

    SENIOR'S LODGE CRUISE - August 7th - Cochrane Ab.

  4. WN Jeff


    Here is the Z06 teaser video and press release Chevy just dropped for the C8 Z06! C8 Z06 Sound preview Full Press release
  5. Messner

    Cruz 4 Her Charity Run - August 28th, 2021 - Calgary Cochrane Kananaskis

    CRUZ 4 HER - An Annual Charity Cruise for a Women's Shelter called Big Hill Haven. Sponsored by Cochrane GM. Cruise Cochrane is Hosting this event again this year to raise much needed funds for the Big Hill Haven Women's Shelter. Last year we raised over $7,000.00 and this year our goal is...
  6. N

    Can you still buy at MSRP?

    Every single C8 near me on autotrader is 135k+ CAD, before tax and fees. Why? The MSRP for the base one is like 72k CAD. Who the hell is out there paying this much for a Corvette? Surely people are buying them like hotcakes if dealers are getting away with this. I know it's a cool car but give...
  7. C

    Corvette Cookies!!

    Look at these cookies I bought from a Cookie/dessert shop in London,Ontario!! they went above and beyond!!!!!
  8. nKuch

    Question C8 vehicle cover?

    Where can I buy a C8 specific car cover? Being in Canada, would I need to go through a dealership to buy one or are there any 3rd party companies selling their own versions? Any purchase links would be appreciated!
  9. Messner

    CRUISE COCHRANE (Alberta) - On-Going Cruises

    CRUISING has taken on a whole new meaning with this Covid-19 pandemic shutting down most events including Car Shows, Show & Shines etc. CRUISING has become very popular in our region! In fact we have at a minimum tripled our car-counts this year with one cruise having over 200 vehicles! CRUISE...
  10. Van ClearBra

    2020 C8 Corvette Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Vancouver ClearBra

    Just added a YouTube video of a full coverage rear fender installation on a white 2020 C8 Corvette. Please check it my channel and subscribe to my Vancouver ClearBra YouTube channel as will have many more videos added.
  11. Morgan

    Announcement Important updates about Corvette deliveries and some interesting finds on the delivery process. (Video)

    Hey everyone, I am sad to report that the C8 Corvettes have finished delivering the models they have built at the factory and if yours has not been shipped you will have to wait until the BG plant starts back up again. Watch my video to learn about some cool things I learned about the delivery...
  12. Morgan

    Announcement New content over the weekend.

    Man I am not sure if this is reality or a dream anymore.... I could not have imagined the last 3 days even in my wildest corvette fantasy's i had before mine arrived. I first off want to thank every single member of this forum that has helped me and supported me in the Youtube content I have...
  13. WN Jeff

    Announcement The Eagles have landed

    Photos up shortly... I am driving in to see them!
  14. Morgan

    Announcement Video Content of our C8's

    First off, THANK YOU to everyone for the kind words and comments. I really appreciate you guys subscribing to my YouTube channel. I have started to produce content on the C8's arriving and the build process. Please let me know if there is anything you want me to show you guys. I love that...
  15. Morgan

    Announcement An Awesome Day for Corvette's @ Finch (Video)

    Hello all, I am very excited to start this feed summarising the events going on currently. Please click a link on this video I have made for you all and stay tuned for my updates on the arrival!! CLICK...
  16. C

    C3 water pump studs (use loctite?)

    Hi guys, Just finished rebuilding the water pump on my 75’ vette. I went to put the studs back in place (the ones that hold the pulley and fan in place) and was wondering whether or not I should use loctite or some other bolt sealant on them? Also, the studs need to be screwed into the pump...
  17. C8 Z06 caught testing  Jan 20 2020

    C8 Z06 caught testing Jan 20 2020

    just came across this on facebook
  18. nKuch

    TPW to Delivery Timeline

    I was just curious how long folks thing it will take after build week for the car to be delivered. I know the first batches will have some extended quality control but as mine is march 9th I don’t think I should worry.. When should I expect delivery if it ends up being built that week? All...
  19. nKuch

    Aftermarket C8 Rims?

    Dealer just informed me that I have a build date of March 9th! Super excited and caught off guard by the early date. Now I need to start researching different parts as I'm planning on heavily modifying the car. Are there any good brands with C8 rim options already?
  20. nKuch

    C8 Production Questions

    Wanted to ask a bunch of questions I had in mind in regards to the C8 production timeline. Firstly, when do workers go back to the bowling green plant from their holiday break? Subsequently, when will the first round of C8's go down the production line? Lastly, how long will it take for GM...