1. C8 Z06 caught testing  Jan 20 2020

    C8 Z06 caught testing Jan 20 2020

    just came across this on facebook
  2. nKuch

    TPW to Delivery Timeline

    I was just curious how long folks thing it will take after build week for the car to be delivered. I know the first batches will have some extended quality control but as mine is march 9th I don’t think I should worry.. When should I expect delivery if it ends up being built that week? All...
  3. nKuch

    Aftermarket C8 Rims?

    Dealer just informed me that I have a build date of March 9th! Super excited and caught off guard by the early date. Now I need to start researching different parts as I'm planning on heavily modifying the car. Are there any good brands with C8 rim options already?
  4. nKuch

    C8 Production Questions

    Wanted to ask a bunch of questions I had in mind in regards to the C8 production timeline. Firstly, when do workers go back to the bowling green plant from their holiday break? Subsequently, when will the first round of C8's go down the production line? Lastly, how long will it take for GM...
  5. I

    Caledonia Ontario area mechanic?

    Anyone know of a mechanic in the Caledonia Ontario area that I can use to have a look at a c3?
  6. M

    For Sale: C6 Z06 stock hood

    i got the stock hood off of my c6 z06 for sale. it is black, half of it is 3m'd, and all ceramic coated also. wanting 175 plus ship obo. text 306 460 5635 for pics please
  7. J

    Anti-water films for mirrors.

    Check out these anti water films for your mirrors on your corvette!
  8. Karam

    C7 Z06 winter package (tires+rims+tpms)

    I have a barely used winter tire + rim + tpms set from a 2017 Corvette Z06. I purchased this set in late January 2018 and only drove 1000 kms on it. Although the manufacture date on the tires is 2011 and 2012, they were stored in a temperature controlled environment and never used until I bought...
  9. D

    The evolution of the corvette (video)

    Hi guys .. this is a short video for the evolutio of the corvette.. created by me what do you think ?
  10. EventHorizon

    Persistent Squeaky Breaks Issue (2005 Coupe)

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2005 Corvette Coupe and I am dealing with a persistent squeaky breaks issue. The back breaks were done very recently and the front are almost new. I spoke with the dealership who did the work immediately after I picked it up and they told me to wait and see if they...
  11. AllFlash

    St. Catharines GM Car Show Piks....

    Some great machines and a great day all in all...for your viewing pleasure.
  12. AllFlash

    15 DSOM Z06 ALLFLASH - Piks Along The Welland Canal

    Thought I might throw in a few piks that I took yesterday at dusk and first thing this morning along ther Welland Canal to Lake Erie... Enjoy! Oh... Canon 6D with eityher my L24-105L or my L28-300... They are high if they are too big, lemme know and I will switch off for...
  13. AllFlash

    Piks of the Auto Show, My Video and we need VOTES!!!

    ok so we are in the Toronto Auto Show! Here is a quick shot! WE need everyone to text '1' to 306-500-6715 in order to win the competition. The Grand prize is $5000, all of which is being donated to veterans Emergency Transition Canada if we win. To encourage you all to share and text, I...
  14. K

    Toronto (GTA) Corvette Owners Club

    Fellow Canadian Vette Owners! Not sure if this is the right place for this (my apologies to Mod if not). I recently ordered my first Vette and coming from a Genesis Coupe, we had a huge community of owners who regularly met during the warmer months, talked about cars and drank coffee. Although...
  15. formula80_ca

    Ron Fellows Corvette owner school at Spring Mountain review

    I finally attended the Ron Fellows Corvette owner school at Spring Mountain (November 24-25, 2015) and it was an absolute blast! Wow, all I can say is as a C7 owner paying $1,000 for this course is a steal. Thank-you GM for offering this program to your customers. After doing it I would say that...
  16. Inside Garage

    Andy from Australia's 69' Corvette Stingray ZL1

    Check out Andy from Sydney, Australia's story of his 69' Corvette Stingray. Hitting the roads down under! Worth a look!
  17. B

    Building a real REMOTE controlled 1:1 Corvette c6

    Hi guys, My name is Bjorn and I am from the netherlands. I have build alot of KITT replicas over the years, and owned many corvettes. Now still having that childs dream, of building a 'full scale' remote controlled car. Like my 2006 corvette / A6 paddles. The build will be professional style...