Measured the front yard snow today before I left for work ..... 6ft 6inches.........gonna be awhile yet over here.........

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So nice to see! It's been a long winter for all of us. Wait until that first start up...heaven.

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Yeah Riley,

and the crazy part is, a lot HAS melted. At it's peak we had 52" on the roof, so you can see I'm about half way there.....truly hopeful they have the roads cleaned up by second week in May. Snow forecast for tonight though.
Terry, nice to hear from you. Glad to see you're back from the sunny south. I'm taking a few well deserved days off work before the long weekend - have a major "honey do" list I'm trying to knock down before the end of the month. I may have to keep the car in storage a little longer than expected - only have 2 weeks left on my storage contract. I'll give you a shout in the next week or so.
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