Nov 6, 2012
77 C3
Hey Guys and Gals.

Well after 14 years and many good times.. Im sorry to say my baby is going to have to sell. The frame is GONE! and I have no intentions of installing a new one.

I have decided to part this car out.

I have never done this sort of thing before. Any hints or tips would be appreciated. I dont want to have to remove anything myself, but would rather that people interested in things take them off themselfs. I just dont have the time or desire.



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My only cautionary note is that if you let someone else remove their parts, they're going to damage $500 in parts taking out the part that they're paying you $15 for. I'd sell the whole car complete.
Yes Yes Yes :agree: sell it complete!!! Give another fellow a chance to fix it... :D sell it at your best , lowest price :nono: Parting it out will give you nothing but grief :mad: (2 cents)
Yes--the only people that part cars out are experts in that field. It's laborious, risky, time-consuming, and a pain in the arse. All for maybe a few points more than what the whole package goes for.

Whatever you do, good luck! It can be done, but I don't know if you can make more cash after all is said and done if you price out the time this will take (or hired labour.
When we were doing a Lemans Sport a few years ago, a friend with a wrecking yard dropped a parts car off in my yard. I could have everything I wanted for $300 and he picked up the stripped car. Best $300 I ever spent. Advertise it and someone doing a similar car would be more than happy to buy it.
Thanks for the input guys.. But I cant get jack for this car as is.

Frame is gone in the rear. So bad that the dif has almost nothing to hold on to.
Driver side A frame is broken(nothing new there)
Floor boards are almost gone!

As you guys already know.. Its pretty hard to come accross a 4 speed manual these days. I cant see me getting more than 5 grand for it as is.. but the trany is worth 3 grand on its own.

BTW.. interesting idea there Keith.. But I aint got a flat bed and Im not letting the Trany go for $300 lol


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I have three M20 Muncies and I know what you mean about $300 transmissions. Good Muncies and Borg-Warner Super T10s are getting a lot harder to come by. If I were you, I would pull the drive train out of the car, along with anything else I can unbolt and scrap the rest. Kijiji advertising should net you some decent money.
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