Well I finally had the ZR1 finished yesterday adding the film to the rockers and front splitter. Altogether, the entire job took a total of 13.5 hours over 2 days! After having watched them perform their magic yesterday, I can now understand why it takes such a long time to install this stuff properly. Milan at Image 1 does an incredible job and has more patience and persistence than anyone I know. If it isn't done to perfection, it does not leave his shop. Manny chose this company to do all his paint protection work and they obviously mirror how Manny performs his magic. Kudos to Manny and Milan. I would highly recommend everyone get this installed on their car as it really does offer significant protection for your expensive paint job
Riley, The film is not 3M. I went with the product Manny recommended and it is called Llars film and it is 8 mil. 3M is only 4 mil I was told. Also has a longer warranty than the other products out there. As for pics. I will try and post some but you can't really see it as it is almost invisible unless you get up really, really close to see it. As long as the product does what it is supposed to do, I couldn't care less what product is used as long as it works!
I love my 3M even more today! I had a couple of scuff marks on the front of the car. I took it to Dash Graphics in Airdrie and Dallas used a heat gun to take the marks out. I was fully prepared to have him put a totally new piece on but he "Buffed It Out" hahah.

Best part is he did not want anything for it, but I went and bought him a Gift Certificate for the Keg.

Any of you in the Calgary area should check Dash out. He does very good work.

Garry, I can assure you it was the same guy that did mine. He does all of Manny's paint protection work.
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