:seeya: Hi i have a nice 88vette L98, minor mods KN filter and Airfoil, i was wandering does a open air box filter help with HP?:coolgleam:

I have searched this for the past month and recieved the open lid last night for my 1987.So I wont be able to let you know my gains in HP,until spring.But what I have read that it does give a little hp gain.There is plenty of info on this on the other forums.
Not sure if your inlet is open to underhood heat but you really want to isolate it from that hot air and have a cold inlet.

Post a pic and show us your setup -- would be much easier to asses.
Thanks for the info guys, i forgot to mention i have the SLP ,1985-1989
SLP Engineering's Cold Air Induction system for TPI Corvette's picks up cold, dense outside air from a high pressure area in front of your radiator and feeds it to your engine, helping to produce up to an extra 20 horsepower. This system will out-perform any other cold air system available for your Corvette and is legal for street use in all 50 states. Constructed of high quality thermo-plastic material, these pieces are designed for bolt-on installation and will last the life of your vehicle. E.O.# D-187-12. Is this true i havent installed it yet.
^^^ decent system but nothing from my experience bolted on to an L98 ever added 20 hp and I tried everything. I'd say 5 hp at the MOST. L98s were a decent engine but the TPI system basically died after 5200 RPM and the heads were terrible thus greatly limiting the effectiveness of any bolt ons.
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