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Mar 27, 2015
Lasalle ON
About 20 vets in the yard in windsor being loaded for delivery, just in time for some drivers for the week end
No pic sorry, like to go by every once in a while, with availiblty of these cars suspect it was nice to see a million plus dollars of vets just itching to be driven
Saw 4 on one carrier this morning... going east thru GTA.
Guessing there will be at least that many happy new owners by this weekend.
1 had chrome wheels... the other three were black wheels as far as I could tell.
Coupes or Z51's. No ZO6's.
But very hard to tell the colours... or I was just looking at the wheels.
Either way... very exciting to see 4 deliveries in the making.
Congrat's if yours. Congrats anyway if not... it's coming!
My car came in yesterday went to the dealership to see it today! My salesman put dealer plates on it and said take her out have fun. We drove for about 2 hours what a rush, will be taking deliverly of it Tuesday.
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