Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
To address a request from Riley, here are pictures of our 8 Black cars
(Some gone, 4 still with us).
4 of the black cars are not Corvettes, so I might "bend" the rules here a bit.

As for Corvettes, we have had 7 (still have 2).
The first was a '78 L82 Pace car, automatic (Silver over grey, Oyster interior), bought in 1980 in Canada.

2nd was a '65 Convertible 4spd (red). We campaigned that car from 1985
through 1989. During 1986-1989 it was the overall Corvette Western Canada
and northwest US autocross champion (and it was my wife who was the champion, I was second).
Bought in Canada November 1984. Complete body-off rebuild over the winter.
Picture was taken in Great Falls Montana, May 1989.

3rd was a '88 Automatic coupe (metallic charcoal)... just a bad choice.
Bought in Canada in 1991. (Sorry... no picture that I can find)

4th was a 1992 convertible (manual) black bought from US in 1993... Awesome car.

5th was a 2000 convertible (6 spd) black bought New in Canada in 1999... Awesome car.
Picture was taken at Fallon Naval Air Station (Top Gun) in Nevada, in July 2004.

6th is a '67 convertible (4spd) black bought in Canada in December 1995 (Santa bought it for my wife).... fun car.
Complete rebuild over the winter... now has 18000 miles on it.

7th is a '07 convertible (6spd) black bought from US in August 2008... Awesome car.

As for keeping them clean/shiny.....
Yes, black is a "bitch"... but when it is clean and shiny, (in my opinion) nothing can beat it.

First I wash, warm soapy water, rinse with hose, then squeegee (California blade), then towel dry (Micro-fibre cloth).
Usually once a week or so.

I use Dri-wash every 3 or 4 months, again applying with a micro-fibre cloth,
then polishing with a clean dry micro-fibre towel.

Use of a micro-fibre cloth stops any swirls/scratches.

Keep the chrome/shiny wheels clean, and apply some "tire conditioner" to the
tires. (I use Meguiars Hot-shine).

I don't profess to be any kind of an expert on BLACK... but I know what I like and how to keep it pretty clean and shiny.
I have used many other products.... they all work, but I find Dri-Wash to be the easiest.

I can't put any more than 5 pictures to a post, so I will add the other cars/pictures to a second page here.


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The rest

And here are the rest of them.

The 2007 triple black convertible mentioned earlier.
(Bt the way, that's my wife driving)

The 2001 Camaro SS SLP automatic bought from the US in January 2004... this was my daily driver.... I loved that car.

The 2012 Camaro SS RS automatic bought from the US in December 2012...
now this is my daily driver.... I love this car.

There was the 1987 Monte Carlo SS (my wife's car), bought in Canada in 1989.
Unfortunately, the picture is from inside my garage.

And there is my wife's present daily driver.... 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe.... bought new in Canada in Feb 2004.... she loves that car.
You can see it in the background of the picture of the 2001 Camaro.

So, there you go.... 8 Black cars, 7 Corvettes.


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very impressive for sure. Love the cars, the personalized plates, the garage,
especially love the '92 and the '67. was it a BB or the SB -- I'm guessing SB for tacking.:D

Impressive. If you'd like them full sized send me a pm.

BTW you like DE(I) and NASCAR?
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CCO, yes I like DE and NASCAR.

But.... the story behind my "name"....
When I brought the '92 up from Arizona in August 1993.....
Driving along I-5 at about 80-85 mph in the left hand lane, every car I came up behind,
as soon as they saw me in their mirror, would pull over into the right hand lane.
After a while I thought...... "Wow this car is really intimidating".

And that's where the "name" came from. So I actually have had this "name" since 1993.
I think that was before Dale Senior got his name.

Of course, it also sort of reflects my personality too.
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that's my '83 Cutlass that I had from (about) 1992 till I got the 2001 Camaro in Jan 2004.

Of course, there are many other cars I have owned too.....

All vehicles....
1st was a '49 Anglia bought in 1956 (a death trap... mechanical brakes)
2nd was a '41 Plymouth Coupe bought in 1957
3rd was a '37 Pontiac sedan bought in 1957
4th was a '46 Mercury coupe bought in 1958
5th was a '50 Pontiac coupe bought in 1959
6th was a '51 Chev coupe bought in 1959
7th was a '57 Volkswagen bought in 1960
8th was a '61 Corvair bought in 1963
9th was a '66 Cutlass bought (new) in 1966
10th was a '63 Corvair (2nd car) bought in 1967
11th was a '68 Camaro SS/RS (396-375HP) bought in 1973
12th was a '74 Cutlass (455) bought (new) in 1974
13th was a '76 ford E-150 van bought (new) in 1976
14th was the '78 Corvette bought in Jan 1980
Start a new life
15th was a '76 Datsun F10 (2nd car) bought in 1980
16th was a '74 Chevelle bought in 1984
17th was a '76 Firebird bought in 1984
18th was the '65 Corvette bought in Nov 1984
19th was a '69 Cutlass bought in 1987
20th was the '87 Monte Carlo SS bought in 1989
21st was the '88 Corvette bought in 1991
22nd was the '83 Cutlass bought in 1992
23rd was the '92 Corvette bought in 1993
24th was the '67 Corvette Santa brought in December 1995
25th was the '00 Corvette bought (new) in 1999
26th was an '94 Camaro which I built into a Road Racing car bought in 2002
27th was a '91 Suburban 2500 for hauling the 24 ft enclosed trailer and race car bought in 2002
28th was the '01 Camaro bought in January 2004
29th was the '04 Infiniti G35 Coupe...my wife bought it (new) in February 2004
30th was the '07 Corvette bought in August 2008
31st was the '12 Camaro bought in December 2012

I attach a few pictures...
The '94 Camaro Race car and 24 foot enclosed trailer
The '91 Suburban and trailer
A better shot of the '78 (my wife driving)
I found one of the '88 Corvette (my wife driving)
And I found one of the '49 anglia


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Yeah, we've been autocrossing since 1980.
Still do 5-8 events a year... and we still can show the young 'uns a thing or two.
But during the '80s, we used to do 25 or so each year...
all over western Canada and the northwest US.
We've traveled to/raced in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer,
Kamloops, Kelowna, Oliver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver (every city in the Lower Mainland),
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Rosecity (Oregon), Visalia (Calif), Idaho Falls (Ida),
Kalispell (Mont), Great Falls (Mont), Whitefish (Mont), Sioux Falls (SD), Yerington (Nev),
Deadwood (SD), Sturgis (SD), Spearfish (SD).... I forget them all.

As for wishing ones I had back...
Of course, the '68 Camaro... everyone wishes they had that one back.

The '65 Corvette was our first real champion...
we (my wife and I) rebuilt that car (body-off) in our garage over the winter.
I remember when we were in Great Falls (Montana) in 1989 (the picture with the F16)...
it was the first year of the ZR1, and GM had sent 3 "engineers" out with a ZR1 car
to the event. The autocross was held on a shopping mall lot... there were about 70 drivers.
The GM guys (and everyone else) expected them to "smoke" us all on the course.
I did a 37.x seconds run (FTD) (short course), which was 4 seconds faster than the GM guys
in the ZR1 (who did not come 2nd... my wife did... 1.5 secs behind me). Whooboy... some people were sure surprised.

The '83 Cutlass was sure a neat car.

The '67 Corvette is really a fun cruiser... we did autocross it once when we had
sold the '92, and were waiting for the '00 to arrive. We both won our class in it then too.

Honestly, I really loved all the Corvettes (except the '88) at the time we had them.
They did really well for us.

And the Camaros..... I loved the 2001, and I love the 2012.

But, I am realistic.... time moves on.
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