i see charlie's bay on the list in curve lake keith. this is where i buy all my fuel including diesel. they are ethanol free because they sell alot of fuel to float planes at the dock. they are usually cheaper than anywhere else on the reserve and very nice folks. they tell me their fuel is sunoco.
I tried that in my car and didn't notice any diff in mileage or power (over about half a tank) -- might not have been a long enough test period.
'Longevity' might be a different story tho....


You should get slightly better mileage overall.
A key element in non-ethanol is that it is MUCH safer for the fuel systems (seals, o-rings etc.) for the older cars.
Excellent link! Thanks for posting! Unless I am mistaken, Esso 91 should not have ethanol in Saskatchewan either. Maybe the people on the link didn't get the message or I am uniformed.
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