Aug 13, 2010
Port McNeill B.C
1980 , Red ,
Installed an aluminum rad and electric fans a couple months ago.. I don't get along with fiberglass very well but it seemed like the best option for the shroud. Put in an automatic temp sensing relay module that you can adjust for fan on fan off temp. Very happy with it so far.. works great and its lighter. I never liked the clutch fan anyway:)


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Cool, great does the vette run significantly and more consistently cooler now ?

Even tho the clutch fan wasn't very much parasitic drag, you still would have picked up a few ponies as a bonus by making that change.

The car never ran hot before so nothing has changed there.. the rad was starting to rot so that's why I did the swap(and I like the electric fans better) The fans don't have a huge amount of draw(no more than the A/C did anyway) So the voltage doesn't really drop when they come on. After doing the control arm bushings I am glad I have a small fan shroud now so I could get the a arms out:)
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