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Oct 30, 2013
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NHRA Phoenix 2015 - Pictures Added

Well, I crossed one more off my bucket list attending the 2015 NHRA event in Phoenix this past weekend. I took a lot of pictures and will post them later when my five year old Grand Daughter gets home from school shows me how again!

Simply amazed by the power of the Nitro Cars. They just pound the senses and the speed is just unbelievable. Even running 1000' they were well into the 300 mph mark, down into the high 3's for ET.

Impressive was the turnout of Western Canadian racers. There were many comp, dragster, super gas, super stock and stock racers that made the haul down. I was impressed that the announcer gave these folks lots of attention when he could. I guess that with the weather it makes for a nice winter vacation. :canada: Amazing the number of Corvettes running in these classes, all years and all very quick.

Photos to follow. Promise.
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Colour me green :).

I was happy to watch it on TSN, certainly not the same as being there, other downside is virtually no coverage of the sportsman classes. Looked like they had a good turn out, stands seemed full.

You going to any others this year?

Looking forward to the pics.

x2 on the coverage wayne, just condensed coverage of the top 3 classes. murray, nothing beats being there eh ? any of the AA fuel classes are quite the assault on the senses. to me the smell of nitromethane is an intoxicating aroma, and the way it clings to your clothing is pure nirvana. :coolgleam:
A few pictures.



I was at the las vegas event end of oct. great time, even my wife enjoyed it. she did comment that our son's c5 which runs 10.40s seemed kind of slow after the nitro cars. hehehe.
Riley, you have to go sometime. I only went on a sunday,(finals). my friends went earlier in the week saw more during qualifying. next time I will go for a few more days
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