Welcome Bob. Glad to see another member from your area.
You will be hearing from a guy names Greg very shortly. Also in Owen Sound. He is also a C3 driver and is very knowledgeable on these cars. I sure he will be able to help you out.
Welcome Bob. I'm Greg and I have a '75 as Brian mentioned. Another C3 owner right her in Owen Sound; that's cool. PM me your location and maybe we can get together.
Pretty sure Greg will point you to the wiring harnesses at the wiper motor that can corrode causing poor contact and a non shut off and park situation.

I've read of your problem b4 and it probably means cleaning up those contacts.


Thanks guys!----Can't wait to meet Greg. I have taken the dash switch apart and cleaned all of those contacts but I need to find the problem elsewhere , so 4 now the fuse is removed. ----boB
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