Bearly Flying

Bearly Flying

Dec 31, 2009
Ponoka, Alberta
2001 C5
Just picked it up on Saturday, now the C-5 has a playmate.

Bringing it Home.



Cleaning it up.


The reason I bought it.


Very nice 91. ZR1, now that's a machine.

And looking at your pictures I see you are a RC Flyer guy too.
I played with models for the past 30 years, mostly giant scale stuff; but have now gotten out of it.
Brian; Thanks I still have a lot of fun with RC,

With 27 different RC planes it's a disease,

I think there is a twelve step program out there somewhere,

I can't afford 27 Vettes.
Was fortunate to help BF with the delivery of his new toy. That engine is a beast, pulls like a SOB!! "Now what shall I drive today the C4 or the C5"..........tough decisions buddy!
Nice work--where did you find it? I'm always between edmonton and calgary. would love to see your cars one day when i pass through. Maybe at BP's or--Dino's--is it?
A Friend of mine, Somebuddy, noticed it in Kijiji, the Seller was moving oversea's and had to sell.
It was in Airdrie, so Somebuddy had to go down with me to "Help" drive it home.

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