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Sep 1, 2010
Brantford Ontario
Finally was able to go out and snap a couple shots of the new vette. like i mentioned before.. have quite a bit or work ill be doing over the winter including a engine rebuild and a new paintjob in spring.

not a bad car at all for my first vette.

Picture 012 by Merriammm, on Flickr

Picture 013 by Merriammm, on Flickr

ill take some interior and motor shots in the near future..

i really just want it to rumble.. it its a nice sounding car now.. but i want some good old fashion muscle car rumble. There are a few paint blisters here and there.. some paint chipping around the door handles, and around the back window. so repaint it is.. might go with a midnight blue.. who knows im still tossing ideas around.
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