Oct 29, 2013
Brighton, ONTARIO
2014 2LT
I am very happy with this. The installer used a really good 3m product and installation was done in about 2 hours. Here are a few after pics and a before pic.


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That's dead Sexy!

Really brings the car together!

thanks for sharing...may ping you down the road to get the installer info..

The more I see the C7's the more I am starting to like them.

The stripe really does pull the car together, very cool upgrade.

Enjoy your new ride.
Thanks guys, I think that stripe works the best on the arctic white, it does pull it all together. Now I only have to get rid of those ugly $1600 machined rims!
I like the black stinger stripe on the white but I have to say I saw a white one that the guy painted his entire hood black ( U.S car) and it reminded me of a Orca whale more than a sports car. You have to be judicious with this kind of thing.
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