Brian Keery

Brian Keery

Feb 23, 2013
Midland, Ont.
1979 L48 Auto
Hello All,

I've collected NOS Corvette emblems for about 25 years now......a lot cheaper than collecting the cars!

Just wanted to comment briefly on what $28 gets you now at your local Chevy dealer. No actual GM packaging, can't find a GM part number, and of course...Made in China.

Not sure if I'm really surprised, but for the cost of a new C7, you would think the General would at least try to look professional.......not like a Chinese eBay knockoff.

"Original" GM packaging

No part number, or anything to denote a genuine GM part for that matter.

Need I say more?

Guess I have to keep this with it, just to prove it's real......

Still on the fence about the stingray. Chrome plated plastic in a clear bag for $60 is something I'll have to think about. The money might be better spent towards some nice C1 emblems.
For sure Keith, I would have told them to keep the part when the girl opened the box to show me; but I had ordered it and didn't want to cause a scene. Moving forward, I'll stick to swap meets and eBay/ Kijiji, as well as Corvette forums for my parts.
Over Priced Stuff

They can call me cheap but I call the manufacturers greedy. $95+ for a $25 shift knob. Don't think so. Everything on our Corvette works pretty well so I'm not too quick to run out and buy this over priced stuff. There are decent deals to be had on Kijiji from time to time. I have to thank Colin again for giving me a good deal on a Vararam intake. If it is even half as good as they advertise, it was still a good deal. Manny installed stone guards behind each wheel to protect the paint and was reasonable with his prices too. On Kijiji last summer, I picked up a polished set of 2006 wheels and tires in excellent condition with 11k miles for under $1000. I don't have to have new stuff. It just needs to be in decent shape.
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