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don logan

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Oct 4, 2012
My friend owns a 72 vette. He asked me to help him install new carpeting. So far we have stripped and cleaned the interior. He got a 72 9 piece carpet set.

Now we don't have the experience or confidence to do the deed properly. Is there anyone who can install the carpet for us? Ideally come over to his garage so we don't have to install seat or have it towed.

thanks for any help or advice.
One thing I would recommend is laying down some heat shield before the carpet install; I have it in mine and it really helps on those hot days.
Cool! Hopefully there is someone close by that can help you out. I'm sure if you guy take your time you should be able to do this yourselves...then post pictures with tips on how to do it so you can show the rest of us how it's done! Anyway, if I was closer, I know I would be out to give a hand....this Country is so stinking big!
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