Aug 19, 2014
Blackfalds, Alberta
2004 Z06
Hello all, finally got the new to me car and all I can say is wow:D. I love the way it handles, only problem is the brakes are needing to be done. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what everyone is using. I have done a search and damn there is a lot of options. I am not planning on driving the car on the track however I do want to drive it like it should be driven :driving: I was wondering if anyone from central Alberta could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
I recently did my brakes. I ended up getting rotors from and some stoptech street performance pads. They work well and plenty of bite for street use, probably okay even for some light track duty.

Also, i'd recommend visiting and see what they have. I got my stoptech pads off that site and you can also find a reasonably priced set of rotors there too.
Thaks for the reply Pyro, I ordered a set of Magnums this morning. I got the cross drilled Cadmium plated with ceramic pads, all in coming to my door for $300. I thought that was a wicked deal, hopefully they are a good combination. The ones I have on now are completely wore out, the car keeps giving me service abs, traction control etc. It is starting to drive me bonkers looking at the lights pop up on my dash. I was looking at Raybestos and for a complete set all in was around the $550 mark. To have Midas install the same pads and rotors $2100, like wow, that was a crazy price IMO. Thanks for your input and I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the stoptech setup.
Well I got the brakes installed and bedded in today since the weather has cleared. It is so much better having the car without warning lights coming on all the time. So far the brakes are working well but I haven't really pushed the car at all. I will keep you informed but for the most part I believe these are a very affordable set of brakes that will do all I expect out of them. They look great and they were very easy to install with no issues at all.
Sounds like a good set up you went with. There is just so much confusing information about brakes and what works and what does not. Let us know your thoughts on brake performance after a month or so of driving.

I took a few pics of what they look like installed, not very many of the installation as it was straight forward.

[/url]ATT68878 by binderpilot, on Flickr[/IMG]

ATT75096 by binderpilot, on Flickr

[/url]ATT61730 by binderpilot, on Flickr[/IMG]

What do you use for posting pics on this forum?
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I got brakes, rotors, calipers, and braided lines from Manny last year. I believe I got hawk pads--the red ones. Calipers were painted red and were manufactured by brenbo but under a different name. Discs were cross drilled and slotted as well. Looks similar to the set up above. Nice look!
Good day guys, I was just going to post an update on this brake setup. I entered an autocross competition yesterday and all I can say is wow, I still have a grin from ear to ear :) It was a blast and I am very glad I had the new brakes. They performed excellant and I am in total amazement at how little brake dust there was. If this had been the stock brakes I had on I am sure I wouldn't have been able to tell what color the calipers were however with this setup it didn't seem as though I used them hard at all. I had no brake fade what so ever at all and am totally pleased with how they performed. This was my first competition and with the Zs help did very well, first in my division and sixth overall.
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