1975...I'm thinking that a GPS probably wasn't a dealer option back then :D - One idea was they were seat/seat belt connections that had something to do with the interlock and, hey, come to think of it... maybe this was part of the "Guy at the wheel Protection System"...or GPS....so there you go!! You are likely right on yet again! Well done...

maybe part of a "once upon a time" behind the seat sound system ? where does the harness trace to ?

I didn't have the time (or sufficient immediate interest) to trace them forward but I'll see if I can determine that next time I have the center console pulled apart.

I do have a wiring diagram that might provide a clue as well...

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Hey VV....
I suspect they are for seat belt interlock wiring...
Although in my '75 jack compartment I only have wiring/relay/flasher related to the alarm system.

This can also be found on page #434 of the Corvette Assembly Manual.
I don't have connectors like in your picture in my compartment. I wonder if someone pulled them from under the seat into this area?

Hi Doug..
My seat belt interlock wires/connectors are under my seat unused for years..
Here is a pic looking down between the passenger seat and the console..
You can see the seat pressure sensor wiring/connector. I believe it looks like it might be the mating connector for the wires you found in the storage compartment??

Look under your seat and see if this connector on your car is unused.
The black/grey wires come out of the bottom of the upholstery from a sensor switch in the seat.
There are other wires that go to the seat belt assembly as well..
Here is a shot with the seat moved forward and you can see the tape-wrapped wires going up into the seat belt plastic...

(oh look!...I found a penny!)
I think the wires you show with the clamps are for the seat belts..
I'll try and find it in the assembly manual later.

My factory alarm once worked but the arming switch behind the fender key-lock needs to be replaced. When I changed the rear bumper cover last year I took out the horn and rebuilt it.

(but if any of you criminals are reading this be aware I have another alarm system in place!)

I'll get a new switch on my next CC order.

PS..8-tracks.. I'm looking for a copy of Carol King - Tapestry or L.Zep #4... seriously!

I looked at the pax seat and saw a clear tube coming out from under the seat next to the console with a couple of wires inside. All had been cut and taped off. Sounds like someone's home made solution...

I did look at your horn pic when I was replacing my rear bumper cover and gingerly tried to see if I could remove the horn as you did however the bolt was fairly well rusted in place and it was was in the midst of some 40 year old wires with little give - so I decided to leave well enough alone rather than break a key wire and create a project within a project.

Maybe I'll just see what happens if I try to arm the system...or maybe not as I don't need to discover that it fails, but stays hot, drawing down the battery or even worse...

How does that saying go, oh yes, if it ain't broken, don't be fix'n it!

Sometimes I even follow that advise...but only sometimes.

For 8 tracks, they had a few boxes of them in the far left bldg at the Flea Market at 21 Family Lane, Smiths Falls, ON if you're ever out that way. Oh yes, and enjoy that penny.

Thanks for the pics,

Hello. Dong..
I had my console out today for painting and to replace the
parking brake slide seal/cover.
Here's a pic of the wiring for the seat belt interlock system.

You can see the cable clamp similar to your picture.
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