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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good morning fellow Formers,

Some of you may recall my posting of my very first Corvette owner encoutner in Peace River after I got my Z06 and what a crushing disappointment that was for me. Well, I have a better story to share.

I became aware that there was another C6 in Fairview, where my son goes to school. I found out the guys name and where he lived and while it happened to be on a road I would go running on while I was picking up some up after school, I never encountered the car over the past year plus.

So yesterday I was gone to get my son and left a bit early thinking that I would go to the trails that run along the golf course. Noticing that it was just shortly before 5 I thought instead I would do something different. I would go and park on the street across from there this guy lived and see if I could by chance happen to meet in him say when he was getting home from work or something.

Well as luck would have it he happened to be off work and was working on his lawn. So I parked, got out and of course he looked up and smiled. I introduced myself and asked if he happened to have a Z51 but he said no.

It turned out to be a C6 convertable. So we talked for a bit and then he invited me into his garage to take a look. A 2008 and a real beauty. His name, Brent C. is sort of in the COO mold of really being particular and spending a lot of time taking care of his car and keeping it clean. I actually felt a bit like a hobo given how I don't lavish that much attention on mine - I blame it on the gravel road I have to travel to get to the highway and back, a think layer of dush is the end result no matter now slow I seem to go.

So it was nice to talk shop with him, the joys of that silly plastic valence that keeps bottoming out on these poorly constructed small town roads, stuff like that. He told me that he used an interesting sounding plastic sort of 3M like product he sprays on the lower surfaces of his car to protect it but this is actually removable by just peeling it off when you want to replace it.

It is his 2nd Corvette too his first one being a C4 he had for 17 years.

He's travelled to California witht he car, it had 40,000 km when he got it and I think now has 56,000 km. I wish I'd thought to bring my camera with me!

Brent is also into motorcycles and has a beautiful black Norton amongst three others and actually raced bikes for five years.

A really civil fellow and just the sort of encounter I had hoped would be more the common experience for me when I'd meet a fellow Corvette owner.

Just goes to show to never lose faith!


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Nope, far from it. My first Corvette owner that I sought out, was a local guy and a fellow C6 Z06 driver as well. Didn't stop to talk or anything, just replied to my son's comment and got in his car and drive away. I can't imagine anyone so busy that they wouldn't have taken the time to meet/greet another Corvette owner, identical carsl local owners etc.

The original thread is dated:


Oddly I haven't seen the car since so maybe he moved or sold it once he realized he now had the 2nd fastest car around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for my Ontario and Ponoka Corvette owner experinces!!!!


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