Oct 31, 2012
I'm new as a Corvette owner (1994 convertible) and also new to this forum.

need to start shopping for rotors and pads, can someone recommend what i should be looking for; i'm a street rider, no track.
First let me give you a great big welcome to the CCF, you must be a first class guy as I know all C4 owners are. We can never have enough C4 pilots in our mist. So welcome aboard.
As for the brakes, if you are like me and just do a bit of cruising and not beating up on your ride, it makes no sense to upgrade to one of the top notch systems that are available. But you also want to make sure you can stop your pride and joy when you need to. So I would be looking at the Hawk pads and maybe a nice set of OME rotors. Take your time and have a good look around at what is available. Remember that places like Corvette Central often have free shipping, but you could probably get what you need at your local Napa store.
Once again, I can tell ya how happy I am to have another C4 guy here........ The others on this forum will know what I mean by this.... LOL !
welcome Bob; glad to have another C4 along for the ride. Brian is getting quite lonely:D

Lots of good suggestions and experience here as well as our local guru Manny (Nasty98) of DaSilva Motorsports who may be able to suggest a thing or 2 for you.

Looking forward to hearing more about your '94 and its mods. Post pics when you can please.

Welcome aboard. Like above.. If you're just cruising, I'd go with oem equivalents from a supplier like NAPA or other.. No reason to pay for more performance than what you already have... Which is already a pretty good system for your use.
Finally went with Brakemotive, good reviews and highly recommended. Now that winter is around the corner, had to store her until spring, so won't be able to test out the new brakes until then, so will see.
I will post pics as soon as possible, completely forgot to take some before letting her go for the winter.
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