2018 Christmas Auction to Benefit The Canadian Corvette Forum
Nik's note: "Murray strikes again with incessant kindness and is donating the proceeds from this auction to CCF... Thank you Murray for your continued support. I'm running this auction on behalf of Murray (@Black 03 Z06 ). The items, descriptions, pics and words below are all his"

It is that time of year again, hopefully you will find this interesting. Two books that are autographed by a couple of very famous racers.

These will be auctioned off as a package of two books. The first is:

A.J. The Life of America's Greatest Race Car Driver

Written by A.J. Foyt and William Neely
Published by Time Books in 1983

Autographed by A.J. Foyt at the Toronto Molson Indy



King Richard 1 The Autobiography of America's Greatest Auto Racer

Written by Richard Petty with William Neely

Published by Macmillan Publishing Company in 1986
Autographed by Richard Petty at a Molson Breweries Event



There is a minimum reserve on these two books which I will announce once exceeded. Should the minimum bid not be reached Murray will donate that amount of money to the CCF coffers and keep the books.

Each book has a stamp in it saying this book belongs to Murray Adam. However they could belong you!

I will pay the freight to ship via Canada Post to the winner.

So lets see folks both drivers claim to be "America's Best", read the books and make your own decision.

All for a good cause so bid often.


  • Bid period: Dec 6 - Dec 16 (midnight PST)
  • Please post clearly with a bid higher than the previous one (min $5 higher). Avoid ambiguity please so we don't go off topic. We will look at lower bids in case the winner changes his/her mind at which point we will do lower second chance bids (because we're not equipped to send the boys round to collect like ebay) :)
  • This is open bidding, you get as many or few bids as you desire. But let's keep it manageable and avoid bidding less than $5 higher than the previous highest bid. Because we don't have the mechanisms like eBay to hide your highest bid (and auto bid) please avoid stating your highest bid.
  • Winner will be declared on Dec 16th and officiated when payment has been made via our special adhoc payment page (not the monthly donation page) (Ad-hoc CCF Donations)
  • If you wish to bid in private please PM me and I will bid on your behalf publicly (without mentioning your username)

I've created a special donation page for this (and future ad-hoc contests):
Ad-hoc CCF Donations

Nik (on behalf of Murray @Black 03 Z06 )
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I’ll ‘bump’ some more-$130!

Congrats. You are the highest bidder at time of closing with $130 and the winner. Many thanks for your support and participation. Please submit payment via this link (Donations for Ad-hoc CCF Donations) alternatively you can email transfer the amount to [email protected]. I will confirm once this is done then ask our sponsor Murray (@Black 03 Z06 ) to get your address and pop this in the mail for you.

Thank you very much again Murray for the contribution and @ccltj for the funds.
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The level of Murray's generosity elevates when contributing more
personal and meaningful items than a bidder will ever know.
In this case, there is a couple of one-on-one moments that has
been scribed by two icons in the sport of auto racing. As winner
of last year's item, I am always :joyful: joyful with not only the
assurance of authenticity but also the stories of these
moments Murray had and for the legacy that he has built
toward these Forums. We are ever indebted to you Murray
along with our winning Bidder. Congratulations @ccltj
Thank you :thumbs::thumbs:
I’m Always happy to Support our Forum! I’m Very excited to add these books/signatures to My collection, of Famous People-Curtis (Corrina & Family, or ccltj, lol). Thank you, Murray!

Thanks a lot. Confirming that we've got your payment processed. Thanks a lot Curtis and Family. @Black 03 Z06 you can reach out to our winner to get his particulars for the shipment.

Take care folks and a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holiday or simply time off you may be celebrating to all.
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Congrats and thank you's to both Curtis's, Zipnbyou, Spence's and Murray's generosity. Big thumbs up to you, and to everyone who placed bids and followed along.

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