Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
Weather looks dry from tuesday through friday. 13/14/15/16 Nov.
[ will not mention temp ! ]

Coffee at Tim's ~ 11.30am ....... anyone ??

As tomorrow is tuesday, how about wed/thurs/friday ?

Preference ??

Tony, Welland

Can't make any more coffee run's this year as I have put the C6 in storage.Don't like to clean the car in the cold weather.Seem's to happen to me if I wait to long to store it.So hope to see you all next spring.:D
Another great day of sun and fun with this group. Got up to 8 degrees; almost top down weather. Real nice that Wayne brought along his brother Larry. An old friend that is nice to see after such a long absents. Wayne and I are working on him to buy a Corvette. :)
I don't think we will be able to get in too many more of these meets in, but as long as this weather holds, I'll be ready ................
Nice to see everyone again today and a new face to chat with: Wayne's brother Larry from Stoney Creek. Cheers Larry and great to meet you. Hope you can make it out again with us this year.

Brian had a wooden pot he made to share with us -- pictured as well as on his car. -- Hey we're not just pretty faces -- some of us actually have talents.:D

4 cars today including Wayne's, Brian's, Tony & Kathy's and mine. Again 3 verts and one coupe........outnumbered again.....oh well.:rolleyes: These verts are always ganging up on me. What can I do?

One more trip hopefully next week -- will post details in a separate thread. Stay tuned.

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