Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
All this talk re snow etc isn't helping !!

Thurs. 4th April looks good..........~ 11.30am at Tim's.

Anyone willing to join me ?? Drive the car of your choice !

Sounds like a plan, Tony -- I'll endeavour to be there and even try to match you ride for ride except if you bring the D-type. I'm afraid the Lambo is out of service for the time being.:D

As the saying goes: "Bring it!" ... :driving::canada:

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Not sure yet...but will keep it in mind..... sounds like the weather may be improving a bit by then. Might be a good day to get this clean up started........... LOL
I'll be there, in white I hope. :seeya:

Lol Wayne, no Maserati this time? What about the aforementioned lighting and performance upgrade(s)? Will they accompany you "in white"?

Please don't make me sit alone again. It's lonely in that section.:confused:

Maybe I can cajole Terry and Rob into coming along some time.

BTW Wayne, where's all the pics of Cuba?

Pics or it didn't happen...:nono:

Edit: After further exploration I see that it did happen.....Hidden in the travel section -- jeesh.:rolleyes:

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try to be nice to colin fellas and don't go amish on him this time :rofl: no need to say have fun, i know you will !!! :D :seeya: doug.

hahaha, we usually succeed in having fun, Doug -- only hangup lately is some dummy threw a wrench into the works and got blown......(oh my -- did I just say that!)..... It's tough being a leader -- but I think there will be a few followers soon..... After all Doug -- At one time or another it's on every guys agenda to get blown at least once. Indeed this is my first experience and I'm quite enjoying it. ECS makes a terrific blower from what I've seen and by the testimonials I've read. Highly recommended......

These guys (and gals) are always nice to me Doug -- I'm very lucky to have such good friends ---- even tho none are supercharged ....... yet.:D:rofl::canada:

Pics to come tomorrow and hopefully of some lovely rides.

I'm just hoping I can sit at the "superchargers only table" :D

just kidding, we're all pleased that Colin got to turn his car into his dream machine.


I knew I could count on my buddy Wayne -- Just put in a good word for me and we can rub elbows again with the crowd....;) -- Tell them I'll not to say the 'S' word more than a few [{dozen}] times. -- I promise:D

..........I'd like to see more "dream machines" before year's end.:D

I'll be there by 11:15 wearing 'red' hoping for some 'white' and 'yellow(s)' company for a photo session. and indeed any other colour who could make it.

Tempting I bet, Doug.....but you wouldn't want to lose or cut your hood. One of these new compact units that fits in perfectly and stealthily is the way to go.
Terry now is supercharged -- Go for it -- :D

if i ever did go that route it would definatly be the dual quad 8-71 with an aftermarket hood and the original safely tucked away. however the thoughts of the poor shark's bum scattering debris all over the pavement is a huge deterent !!! :rofl: he will be just a decently powered cruiser, i might go a little nuts with the racecar though !!!!! :D
LOL, sure Doug, far more of a major project than said but it's nice to dream isn't it. :D....

I prefer the 'stealth approach' to fly below the radar, at least somewhat -- but to each his own.... :D

Truth is that a "daily driver" is what we all have, and using all the power available is a rare occurrence anyway no matter what the mods ......

Sure is nice knowing there's a little extra on tap tho ..... :D

Looking good today folks -- cold, and not getting very warm by late morning, but acceptable..... wind is down, and sun is up .... Lately that's a big blessing.

Now if we can just avoid any snow today -- that would be a giant step forward.

See y'all 11:30'ish....

..........and the pics.. What a beauty day -- no snow, no excessive wind, no clouds, and no salt -- Hallelujah..... What one might call a perfect day. -- just little cool but hey -- we're hot stuff....:D






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