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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Hey guys!

So seeding is done, the wheat is up and rain is forecast for this week! Pre-seeding preparations were a struggle, I'm now sadly an expert in "wrap spring clutches" when I could have forgone that experience. It was a tought time getting going but once I was rolling it went rather well.

Ran my 3rd race. In the 10 km category I was 30th out of 145, didn't place in my division (5th of 9) and my pace was only slightly better than last year at this same race - 5:06. But for sitting in the tractor cab for 2 weeks with very little walking let alone running I have to be happy. Some of the big guns showed up and for example to have placed 3rd in my division I would have had to have dropped my time by 7 minutes which I don't think is even possible. The 3rd place in my division ran a 4:29 pace - and the guy who finished in 4th ran a 4:36 pace so I was sort of outside of my element. Good thing these guys don't show up every race I do or do the same distance I do or I'd never win a placement medal!!!!!

Just returned from Edmonton over the weekend, a very fast trip and I am exhausted. I saw a lot of C6's including the oddest C6 vert with a fully chromed body (at least that is how it looked) with the plate RROXY. A nice Austin Martin DB9 (?) with the plate 007. A grey with black stripe Audi R8. And my first C7 too, it will be hard to get to love as much as the body of the C6 for me but I'm working on it. I seems so much more angular in person and I sort of like my curvacious C6.

I've been able to get some nice trips in the car in May and now that seeding is over I hope for A LOT MORE!

I missed my first chance at autocrossing this weekend but decided to take a trip with my gf instead..............

Bring on summer heat!


Hooray for seeding being done! I went to my wife's place up near Nipawin this weekend and from what I saw, I think there are some farmers that haven't even started to seed it's so wet! However, some fields appeared to have a crop started....

As for racing. You beat your previous best so, I think that is awesome.

I saw my first C7's this past week but they were driving the opposite way! I still have to see one standing still.
Good afternoon Riley,

I found the post-seeding stress release took a bit longer than normal. I'm not sure why. I was thinking I might be asked to help my uncle get his seeding done as his spring is probably about his worst in 55 plus years. Not due to excess moisture but just the loss of a long term hand and the stars just not aligning for him. But a week later and he still did not ask for help so I moved my drill back to the farm and will now prepare to clean it for the year.

No doubt I was pretty happy to achieve a new personal best. My next race is this Saturday in Peace River and I hope to get my pace below 5:00. It is pretty well all flat so it could happen. My son will be with me this weekend but said that he doesn't want to go from 3 km to 5 km distance - the shortest you can run in this race.

I ran a slow 11.5 km this morning and it was so nice to be able to go outside in the morning and not to be thinking about cutting my exercise short to rush out to the tractor for another day of fun.

I just cut my grass finally, I think I just got it before it would have made more sense to have it grazed by someone's livestock!

Picked up a P0420 code on my Sentra which I need to look into next.

The Z06 is having issues again with the "Service Active Handling" warning so I may need to get the darn comb installed on the plug under the steering wheel to get rid of it once and for all.

Some slight chance of showers over the next two days and oh my God would that ever get things cracking!

I'm so happy I also have my lilt trailer home and now one of these evenings I have to hook it up to see how the car fits. But the truck needs to get new rear springs put on first.

Hope you're able to get some long drives in this summer!


I miss the farm and spring planting .My brother and I missed two weeks of school each year .We raised 120 acres of potatoes ,50 acres of oats and 10 acres of peas . Nothin like a farm.
Great post Garry. Nice to hear things are going well and that you're getting a bit of seat time in your Z as well. I commend you for your ranking in your run considering the circumstances you were under with farming. All the best!

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Good evening Elf,

I so totally agree with you. Although there are times when the farming can really be a struggle and it is hard to be motivated - like this spring when again we had a few setbacks when preparing to seed - once we worked through those and i got rolling seeding I actually have to describe it as bring so much fun and so enjoyable and rewarding. It is like that now, you just remember the fun and enjoyable moments, even including the two times I got stuck this spring and stuck so bad I had to disconnect the tractor from the drill as I couldn't pull the whole unit out with another tractor, snapping chains and breaking a tow cable even. But there were days when things went well and there was a high level of productivity!

You know Justin, the oddest experience that I've had this spring with the car? Trying to be comfortable in trusting that the car is not going to be experiencing another fuel pump failure. I imagine myself smelling burning electrical wiring all the time and I think that I'm losing my mind! Before the fuel pump failure I'd have felt confident to drive to the ends of the earth and now I get nervous if I make a trip one way of 150 km. I hope to become more confident and trusting in the car being reliable but it sure is slow in coming let me say.

I ran almost 12 km this morning and think that I should have a good result on Saturday. It will be nice that my son, gf and hopefully my parents will all be there to support me. Sadly one thing I don't like about this race is that they have never had any placement medals or anything the previous three times I've run it. It is always nice to have a little bling to have as a keepsake.


Good morning Riley,

So still sorting myself through post-seeding things. I started this morning by putting my snowblower away!

It is so funny having feelings of nervousness when I take the car somewhere - will it fail me again? I think that you are right that it will get better will mroe time, trips, km's but it sure is something that has me staying close to home at the moment.

So this meet in July you'll be at - where is it going to be held at? And three days too! Must be some shindig. General cars or just Corvettes?? Racing, show and shine or what? Are you picking anyone up on the way to form a convoy??

I should really give this some consideration - I mean it was so great to meet the fellows down east that I'm sure getting together with you and some of the others from this site perhaps would be a great experience!

Off to clean out the airdrill airtank next. Dad is off to get a new aircompressor for the Cummins on the sprayer and hopefully that will get it mobile again - if not he has a new air governorwe'll install.............


The meet hasn't been set up officially, I'll get on this with the help of the Alberta guys.

I'm thinking Panoka should work, or somewhere in Red Deer. I'm visiting Alberta to see an uncle and take in the Rock Mountain Nationals at Castrol, so a meet up with the Vette brothers would be awesome!
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