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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
...I fired up the Stingray and backed her out of the garage. Let it come all the way up to temp. It was great winter therapy to hear it runnning; especially when I gave the throttle a few blips to hear those Magnaflows. :D

The sad part was putting her back into the garage. :(
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Had the same pleasure yesterday, Greg and yes it was great therapy for the winter blues.
After a month and a half of hibernation, she fired right up -- Took about 10 minutes to get the oil up to temp too.

Can't wait for spring.

I like the way you guys think...lol I did the same today fired the bad boy up for about 20 minutes....mildly revved it before I shut her down :)....
It's been awesome out lately. I was in a t-shirt and light hoodie throwing stuff out at the dump today. I am jealous of you guys who were able to sit in your cats and start them.

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My winter project is renovating the garage. Today we went and got another six foot long tool cabinet with wood top along with a four foot wide six foot high storage cabinet. I'll probably pick up a couple of 28" wall cabinets tomorrow when we are in town. The old shelves I nailed up years ago just weren't getting the job done. Monday, it's back to doing some stud wall and drywall work and a mountain of drywall joint filling and sanding. I sure could do with some help. Hint, Hint, Hint. No? Thought so. The sanding is one despicable job. I'll be some glad when that last paint goes on. It makes the time fly though and the place will start to look a little civilized after 30 years of being a dirty old work shop. It was far too nice out with 50+ degree weather to be working inside.
drywall mud - yecchh :eek: if i have anything left in the budget i will go with steel, the menonites [ stoller i think is the name ] on glen arm road have good pricing. there is also a place in havelock. my buddy that stores my car for me installed a ceiling using non - vented aluminum soffit - it's beautiful. of course he used to be a builder/contractor.
Well one consolation is that January does seem to be whipping by quite quickly so far .... and Feb. is a short month ...

I'm betting April will be the beginning of summer ! ;)
Well one consolation is that January does seem to be whipping by quite quickly so far .... and Feb. is a short month ...

I'm betting April will be the beginning of summer ! ;)

Amen -- I'm living for it. :D

I'm hoping March has some decent 'vette weather too.

Won't be long now whatever mother nature has in store for us.

Guess what I did today ... ???

Yup , you're right ! I took 'er out for a spin .. The roads were clear and dry, and I just couldn't resist .

It was awesome ! ! :D:D

You can tell you're old when the main thing on your mind is driving a car ........
Yes It is a very nice area, and I'm very close but the weekends are pretty much hopeless... bumper to bumper traffic !

Another plus for retirement though ... I can cruise there on a weekday !:)
Watch out with those summer tires : they don't like temps much below +10C -- traction is very poor the colder it gets (in case you didn't notice).

Glad you had some seat time in that bad boy -- Gonna be a great summer. :D

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