Our scheduler says we would be game. ;) I have three other buddies, two Peterborough, one Cobourg who might be interested too. Two are new to Corvettes late this fall and haven't even had a chance to drive their cars. Sounds good to me Doug and it would definitely help shorten the winter.
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keith has suggested a good place to meet up. it should be a good central spot for most of us. keith can fill us in on the details. damn winter, i guess we could admire each others pick-up trucks though !! :rofl: probably best to wait till after new years to determine timing, it would be nice to accomodate everyone. :seeya: doug.
We drive an '05 S-10 Jimmy for a winter vehicle. When all else fails, we have our old '87 S-10 regular cab short box truck that gets tucked away for the winter. It always starts. Nothing EVER goes wrong with it and it just keeps going and going. I've toyed with the idea of sticking the '94 LT1, that we have on an engine stand, in it for more zip. My spare set of wheels and tires from the Corvette might fit too. Along with the LT4 cam and headers it might be very interesting. Just a thought.
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Hey I drive a Tahoe

Me too...
I think if I leave now, I could make it!:rofl: I'll bring my '85 S-15!....However, I think I would get killed on the 401 as my truck barely tops out at 100 km/h.:rofl: It would be great to meet some of you guys out there if it were possible! I'm only 1900 miles away!
What does everyone say to noon January 30 at the Peterborough airport for lunch. We can sit around and tell lies about how fast we were. You know, "The older I get, the faster I was sort of thing." I think the guys at my end are on for it. Riley can head out any time so as not to be late. ;)
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