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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Got to some mods today......tho busy, I had to get some of them done. I've not been well lately so it felt nice to get out there and get some done.

The Mild-to-Wild was an easy install and works slick. Love it!
After posting I noticed that the soft rubber buttons on the fob need cleaning but you get the idea. It's velcro'd to the dash right next to the start/stop button.

The visor label covers look good in person but the pics don't do it justice. The apparent diff in colour is not nearly as noticeable in person. I'm pleased with them.

The 'CORVETTE' on the rear bumper (right side) now has the GM raised chrome letter inserts. Again the pics don't do it justice: the 'E' at the end didn't show on the pic. Don't worry, it's there.
I've no idea why the lighting eliminated it but didn't notice until posting, so no chance to take another. Later maybe.
A real classy touch. Strongly recommended.

The pi
Looks great! The mild to wild mod is pretty slick. Best of both worlds for sure. I like the lettering, it's a nice touch. Those carbon fibre door sills are killer! I'm a sucker for anything carbon fibre!
Looks good Colin, very sorry but I'll have to miss it tomorrow. Large family dinner is at 1pm and I've still got the basement and the back yard to clean up. Not to mention helping out in the kitchen.
Enjoy your day!
Looks good Colin, very sorry but I'll have to miss it tomorrow. Large family dinner is at 1pm and I've still got the basement and the back yard to clean up. Not to mention helping out in the kitchen.
Enjoy your day!

Nice touches Colin. It is always a nice lift to add personal touches to your car. Happy modding at Manny's today

Thanks guys....I'm headin' over for some 'Manny Hospitality and Magic' right now.:D

Hey Colin, did you take your camera with you?

And what is your impression after getting the work done?

Hey Wayne : yes to the cam but I was so amazed at the action I completely forgot to take pics. Luckily Manny remembered with a few with his cam phone and he'll post them up when he gets a chance I'm sure.

Manny is the Man!

My impression of the LG system is that it is simply awesome. On my NPP system with the valves open there is some beautiful resonant music playing back there at all rpm's -- from idle to whatever. The 'music' is bearable (to these old bones) and not aggressive at all and quiet compared to some systems. I should explain that the OEM mufflers are still on the car for now and, to me, compliment the sound nicely.
They also have the optional NPP system that I adapted my 'Mild-to-Wild controller to for control of these valves at any time instead of opening/closing at 3500 rpm's.

The ECU was tuned to correct the A/F ratio and reprogram fan cut-in temp and to accommodate the cooler, 160* 'stat.
The TCU tune was reprogrammed to yield firmer (tho not harsh) trans shift. I would say in the few miles that I have driven with it that it is doing its job: Shifts are firmer and more noticeable. Just the way I like it and apparently keeps heat down in the tranny due to less slippage than the OEM 'granny' shifting.
Sorry Granny, I loves ya but you have no clue how to shift a Corvette automatic.
It shifts now how it should from the factory. A 'vette that shifts like a Cadillac just doesn't cut it.

Installed system looks very clean......the long tubes are so beautiful to see and lead into a new H pipes and high-flo cats and finally into the OEM NPP equipped mufflers.

Those of you who hear it will love it as I do. I'm sure Manny, Rob and the few who heard it liked it right away and were duly impressed with their handiwork.

Haven't lit her up yet but it does feel more responsive in the relatively sedate driving I have gotten in and I wouldn't doubt that I netted the promised 30 odd ponies from the headers and pipes, and a few from the ECU tune. I'm betting the more sane (read much less) torque management built into the TCU tune will have a dramatic effect on shifts and performance.

Manny is the Man -- Mucho thanks to him and Rob for working their magic on my precious new ride.
ONe more person to lend his expertise was Chuck Mosello more commonly known as Chuck Cow of "Cow Tuning" fame from Ossining, New York. Great guy to have on our side and along with Manny's experience, make an unbeatable pair. It seems that between them, there is not much they don't know about tuning .
I'm sure many of your have heard of Chuck and attended his last visit a couple years back.
We're all hoping that he can come up here again this summer so see us and share his vast knowledge of ECU/TCU tuning maybe even at a dyno somewhere not too far away.

Stay tuned.

Manny is very busy as you all know, but I'm hoping he'll take a few and post up the pics of my new LG system. Humble apologies for not taking my own pics. I'm usually much more attentive but as said was amazed at his magic and completely forgot.

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