May 31, 2013
2001 Vert
What does this look like for a catback? Anyone have/had one of these?

No mufflers, just resonators. Price is right too, can be had new for $685, free shipping. I like that it comes with an X-pipe.

They'd definitely be a lot lighter & louder than stock. Read some reviews on the interwebz, it is said that they aren't terrible until you jump on the throttle.

Here's a youtube video of them. Unknown if there are any other mods, doesn't sound like it has a cam or anything though.

Corvette C5 Magnaflow system - YouTube

Just looking for opinions.
Doesn't sound too bad at all on the video. I have not heard them in person though. I would imagine with resonators that they would be LOUD but I could be wrong. A great question would be to find out if they drone at all depending on how much you drive your car on the highway. Some people can tolerate the drone where others like a highway ride to be much quieter.
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