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Dec 15, 2012
2005 C6 LS2
Hey folks!
I'm planning to have Manny powder coat my rims satin black come spring time...and from time to time I'll check google for info regarding. Now as of late there seems to be a ton of people using Plasti Dip to paint their rims....and this confuses me more than just a little. :confused:

I'm very familiar with that product as I used to buy it by the case load for rubberizing some of our promo costumes back about a decade ago, and it's essentially designed for coating surfaces...but I never expected to see people using it on their high performance car wheels as a substitute for an actual painted surface.

So what's the deal with this? Is it a viable option? I mean, I want something durable and absolutely do not want to have to touch it up every now and then...which is why the powder coating seems to be what I want, but I am intrigued by this Plasti Dip option. Does anyone know anything more about this use?
If you google "plasti dip car rims' you'll get dozens of youtube videos...and yes it can be peeled off...so yay for that, but is it really a durable option?


Regardless, I'll still be taking mine to Manny...but I am curious about this technique just the same. :)

Thanks in advance.

A friend of mine had his VW rims plasti dipped and they turned out nice. I think the only benefit is stone chip resistance. Still, powder coating is a tried and true method. It'll look killer regardless. Best of luck.

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My son did his rims on his 300 SRT8 with the plastic dip and they turned out great, so any other chrome he need to get rid of was plastic dipped as well, he like the black lock over chrome.
The nice thing with the plactic that did I didn't know is that if you get tired of it it can be removed
I would like to see my salad shooters in black.......interesting (would nevet permanently powdercoat the stock rims)
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