Oct 4, 2023
Ottawa On Canada
Corvette 2007 manual
I recently changed out the Transmission Fluid (today) on my 2007 c6 6 speed manual....
The Large Syringe I was using to put the new fluid into the FILL Plug had a small rubber O-RING
on the end of the plastic tubing and the O-Ring fell into the tranny by mistake!!!!

I couldn't retrieve it with pliers and just ended up re-Filling the Tranny with the proper amount of fluid
till it starting weeping out of the fill plug...and of course I made sure the car was completely level.

My question is how long does anyone think I should run the car before doing another drain and re-fill?
I'm thinking that piece of cheap Chinese rubber is going to get disintegrated and chewed up in there
and hoping that a couple of drain and refills may get some of that out?
I'm definitely not interested in removing the tranny and opening things up to try and retreive it...

This would be a great question for possible mechanics out there, if we have any of those on this forumn.
At what km interval do you think I should attempt the subsequent drains?
Transmission fluid is way cheaper than pulling out that tranny?
My heart sank when than O-ring popped in there...
You've likely driven the car since this post but I would get a strainer (a colander) and first remove the fill plug then the drain plug. You might have to fill and drain it a couple of times before you see it come out. Otherwise it's probably chewed up into tiny pieces that won't be a problem.
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