If I just get out of the site for five minutes I have to log back in, even though I always check the remember app. For qute a long time it has forgotten me. Before that it would remember me for a day or longer. Then of course when I clean the cache then it's a complete log in.
I agree with c5er. I have not changed or done anything to my setup. This just started happening and I can't figure it out. Never had the problem before.
I have had this issue every once in a while but it only forgets me once and then I am good for a long time. Hmmmm......man, Navion, you have not been having luck with this site!!!!

I will poke my head around to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.
I think it must have heard you. Must just be some computer glitch? I always find it so funny that as computers get better and faster, I find I still have the same problems, delays with opening programs, delay from when I start typing to when it shows up on the screen, same crashes, etc. etc. :rofl:
Range, first thing I did was to do that but it was not the problem. It has self corrected itself anyway.

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